Children, please force yourself to be good, and then proud to live! Sohu – clazziquai

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Children, please force yourself to be good, and then proud to live! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual everyone said, this is the social class. I went to a very wealthy family, to a high school boy to do a home teacher, one thing, impressed. 01 the family is not only rich, but also very influential, so everyone in the family, the eyes are long on the head. But that day, home to a guest, only a 20 year old college student, everyone in the family suddenly become humble and miserable. The father of the child, should not at home, in the company, back… Mother… Is the home of the aunt urged early to prepare fruit and slippers, usually, these things, the mother of the child is not personally……. I am very curious, to think for a moment, what kind of people do? So much energy, is not to wait until the last 02 superhuman powers?. All disappointed. In my eyes, appearance is an ordinary young man. Not unusual, he just admitted to University of Tokyo, and is the hardest part of the medical department. Everything is clear, my students are high school students, reading is originally International Bilingual School, graduating from high school to send home plans to go to Japan to participate in the examination in Japan, admitted to a university in Japan, the 20 year old young man had done so well, must have a lot of experience to teach children, so it became the eye above the top of the family guest sit. On that day, everyone in the family tried his best to ask him to give him some experience. After college students, the child’s mother is tired of it, to my feelings, you know that this university students so promising, his father and mother is doing what?." Of course I don’t know. "His father and mother, in the market to fill the shoes." 03 this thing impressed me so deeply that I often think of it. Occasionally go to the market, see the father of College students. He graduated from University of Tokyo and went to Harvard Medical School to stay in the United states. Knowing that his parents are no longer in the market to make up their shoes and live in a very spacious house, this house is a college student, who has been awarded a scholarship for his parents. Know that when students return home, there will be a lot of people, many of them in the city please students high officials and noble lords to their house, to give their children what the introduction of learning experience. The father of college students said, what learning experience can be introduced, but is a college student when he was a child, to see their parents make up shoes, will inevitably be looked down upon. One night, under the starry sky, after closing the stalls, mend shoes parents day, guests wrapped shoes on the newspaper, a paragraph, what is called the Dragon Taiwan people say, feel very good, want to learn to listen to children, it is very long, not out of school father, Nie re for a long time, drawing thousands and thousands of words相关的主题文章:

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