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By , November 19, 2017 5:44 pm

A gift of 10 children most desire, in fact, are free – [picture] maternal attention selection of Sohu, to obtain the wisdom of parenting! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to search, to jxhuiben and attention! First, before going to sleep with a kiss before they go to sleep with a kiss; children encounter difficulties, they shoulder pat a child was hurt when a warm embrace, when the child returned home to ask about, there is a "Mom and dad love you" language. According to the survey, the five is the most wanted love for dozens of children. Experts suggest that China is a country of deep and subtle, the elders are reluctant to express their love for children, but the children need parents to speak out of love to do. On the other hand, the divorce rate has been so high for many years that many children lost the complete love, as parents should create opportunities for children to try to enjoy the complete love. Second, please respect my personal image of the children dressed as boys or girls are one thing. Now the parents are very willing to do, as children are not their parents love to design the "packaging" is no matter. Some parents always love their children than other people n advantages shortcomings to children, some parents say their children are not always good in front of others, but not in public to praise their children. However, the fact is that more than 80% of children expressed dissatisfaction with these acts of parents. Children also n their own personal image. Expert advice: give your child dress for their age, let your children to do something independently, then say: "well done!" in front of strangers, honestly praise their children. Third, mom and dad respect the secret of the child as a joke to others, parents of the child’s good behavior is usually not appropriate or timely praise, but to their mistakes, always not the occasion to blame too much and ridicule. Experts suggest that children’s self-esteem is nurtured by their parents. Respect means that you have to look at the child as a unique "this one", allowing children to develop their own hobbies and pursuits. Respect for his personality, do not have anything for him, more than the child’s thumb rather than index finger. Fourth, mom and dad to me as an example in the child’s entire growth period, will imitate the behavior of parents, and parents as a model. Expert advice: parents should always remind yourself that your child is watching you, so you must pay great attention to their every move. Think of yourself as a good role model as a gift to your child. Fifth, tell me the truth of life on the road to the growth of children, parents need to provide some of the rules of life, so that they can not do everything they want, as well as the importance of self-restraint. These education can not be blunt. Expert advice: you have to make sure that everything must be understood, and must be correct. Treat all people and things equally. Sixth, let me play with mom and dad more than 60% children!相关的主题文章:

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