Chicago Translation Service Reports That Retail Sales Continue To

By , July 25, 2018 6:51 am

Business No matter how gloomy the economic news may be, no matter what, we can always expect high Black Friday sales when .pared to the previous year said one Chicago Translation employee. As it turns out, the translators offered good advice. Sales on Black Friday topped those of the previous year by 5-percent. Just like last year, online retailers showed more muscle as they contijued to increase their share of shoppers. This year, while the web only represented 10-percent of all shopping it has seen the greatest growth. The Chicago Translation firm reported that for Cyber Monday, sales appear to be up by nearly 20-percent over last year. The implication is that shoppers are returning to the retailers but are making their purchases more cautiously and are being influenced by deep discounts and special offers. As an example, Amazon.. was offering the 8 GB Apple Touch for about $154. However, the reduced price is actually for an old model that was replaced several months ago. While the version2 looks the same as the version 3, it has a slower microprocessor. Other retailers offered low prices on products that had been factory repaired or factory renewed. WalMart was offering low prices on old models the Zune mp3 player. In addition, all retailers seemed to be more than happy to try to push flat screen televisions out the door at rock bottom prices. After months of low sales, flat screens finally started moving again. Chicago Translation workers anticipate that December 14 will likely be the busiest day for online retailers this year. With the economy still in a deep recession, people will likely prolong big expenses for as long as possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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