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By , April 17, 2018 8:57 am

Chengdu relax the enterprise name terms can open the "Chuanchuan Xiang" Morning News (reporter Zhang Fuchao) reporter from the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that the "Chengdu City Administration for Industry and Commerce on the implementation of enterprise name registration management opinions" pilot reform has been recently issued, and within the city opened. The reform mainly includes two parts, one is to relax the restrictions on the registration of enterprise names, make enterprise name more easily, more Chengdu area characteristics and industrial upgrading characteristics; two is the implementation of the online query and online reporting is the same independent nuclear name, through the "Internet plus government services, to achieve the domestic enterprise online online" nuclear nuclear non paper "and further facilitation. After the reform, the enterprise can be submitted by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry portal, government WeChat, APP remote submit the name of the Internet to declare the name of the enterprise in the background of the network audit. After the adoption of the audit, the text messages will be sent to the applicant by the staff through the system feedback results. Subsequently, the applicant can use in business portal website "online reporting system" print "enterprise name approved online book", and by notice to the registration office window for "enterprise name pre-approval notice" for the subsequent business. After the reform, in Chengdu City, county (city) as the administrative divisions in the name of the enterprise, then, will allow the administrative divisions in name or industry organization form, to facilitate enterprises to establish their own brand (trade name) or highlight the characteristics of their own business. If the enterprise can be named "paradise Chengdu Food limited liability company". In addition, the enterprise will not allow "the classification of national economic industries" on, reflect the features of enterprises or with local characteristics of Chengdu words, such as "virtual reality technology" and "Chuanchuan Xiang", as the name of the enterprise in the industry expression. Such as "Chengdu Siyuan Virtual Reality Technology Co. Ltd." "madajie Chuanchuan Xiang Chengdu limited liability company". Editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading of Jilin to relax the business name registration相关的主题文章:

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