Chen Guangbiao opened the conference refused to answer any questions that donated 99% place nvidia geforce gt 740m

By , November 19, 2017 2:54 pm

Chen Guangbiao refused to answer any questions that open the conference 99% donation in place – Beijing has not too much about the outside world and evaluation does not love and public opinion argue Chen Guangbiao, a high-profile media questioned yesterday responded, but the media said Chen Guangbiao briefing yesterday raised more questions, because "the conference did not see the evidence. But Chen Guangbiao is talking". Yesterday, according to the media on the "cut stomach weight", "top philanthropist first cheat" reports questioned, Chen Guangbiao in Nanjing headquarters — Whampoa  disaster prevention training center held a "let the evidence speak — questionable donations, has real proof of" news conference, hope that through one wall covered "evidence" and Chen Guangbiao’s "vows" answer people’s questions. However, there are participants in the media, said the conference but let people more questions. The scene is not the answer will not accept the question from 9:30 a.m. meeting to a little over 10, the conference yesterday lasted only 40 minutes. In the process, Chen Guangbiao refused to answer reporters’ questions, but he said. He said the conference is not an answer". Many came to the reporter bitterly, on-site reporter told reporters BYD, if I had known this better to watch live online!" It is understood that yesterday, Chen Guangbiao invited many dealers to the scene, the scene also set up the camera to live. But for the media to interview will engage in identity, not everyone can go in. It is said that the scene gathered yesterday about 200 people claiming to be Chen Guangbiao’s dealer, and the number of reporters only dozens of people. In the conference speech at Chen Guangbiao is the only one who nameplate, but even more striking is a stack of "donation credentials" but these credentials are not allowed to reporters at the scene look, only to see a lot of painting on display in the exhibition venue on the credential information. Chen Guangbiao said at the press conference, he donated 99% is in place, the 1% is not in place, but in place, but in the end still in place. Mr Chen Guangbiao said yesterday that he was responsible for what he said today". He also stressed that Jiangsu, Whampoa  has not owed any money to a bank or a friend, and that the operation of a good drink is cheated. In response to reaffirm the right of official swindle unsuspecting earlier, in March this year, police officers from Jiangsu Whampoa  found at least 170 Pieces of counterfeit seal that has caused a great disturbance, was seized fake seal includes a number of charities and cooperation in the company’s official seal forgery. This Chen Guangbiao reiterated at the conference site yesterday, false official event is the former general manager of the company Zhang Hongde treachery, the establishment of other companies and vice president Jiang Yong in Jiangsu since the beginning of 2008, Whampoa  and other business forged seal unit signed a contract to connect the engineering and subcontracting, but they did not know this. Chen Guangbiao yesterday also demonstrated his official seal on the case of filing notice. However, after an article entitled "Chen Guangbiao:" the top philanthropist "or" first "cheat" of the "media reports quoted informed sources as saying, buy fake seal engraving machine is the company’s behavior, so the chin相关的主题文章:

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