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By , July 23, 2018 8:57 am

Interior-Decorating Stenciling and painting are the two best ways to renovate your counter tops in the most cost effective manner. Painting a counter top is not difficult, and no matter what is your skill level in do-it-yourself projects, you can do it very easily. If you want to achieve a type of counter top that you usually find in magazines, it will always be great to blend your painting skills with the wonderful features of stencils to create eye-catching multi-colored patterns. Types of Stencils Available Stencils are available in many different types. You will find craft stencils in both simple and complex forms. The simple design includes the cutouts of some specific objects, such as flowers, fruits, carrots, rabbits, seashells, etc. These stencils look good but not very realistic. In order to achieve a 3-D appearance or realistic look, you will have to go for the complex ones. For example, if done properly, the multiple overlay stencils of flowers will help you achieve the look of a real garden. It is not very difficult to work with overlay stencils, but yes, it does take time because you need to wait for the paint to dry before you proceed to the next overlay. Some Bold Decorating Ideas If you want to achieve a custom look for your counter tops, one good idea is to extend the stencil pattern up a wall. The backsplash between the countertop and wall cabinets also makes a good place for stencil patterns. However, if later you feel that the look is not that great on the already painted walls, you have the option to cover the patterns with a fresh coat of paint. If stenciled patterns do not attract you, you may like to go for the faux finish look. You can achieve this by using multiple paint colors and sheet plastic, sponges, newspapers etc to create textures within the paint. By using the multiple paint colors with stencils, will definitely help you achieve a stunning finished look. Protect Your Artwork Make sure that you coat the painted tops with at least three coats of high-gloss urethane. It will protect the look of your counter top and it will be able to withstand the abuse of daily kitchen tasks. Another great idea is to use Oil based paints. Upkeep and maintenance After you have finished stenciling and painting your countertop, you must take proper care or it. Avoid exposure to sharp objects such a knife etc. It is better to use a cutting board instead. Sliding heavy objects on the stenciled and painted countertop should also be avoided. Clean it and apply a coat of high-gloss urethane at frequent interval, such as every three months. Stenciling and painting offer virtually endless possibilities. The only limit is your imagination and creativity. You can achieve any design by blending your creativity with the tremendous features of stencils and paints. However, the good idea is to practice first before you start renovating your countertops. You can practice your stenciling and painting skills on various pieces of scrap. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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