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By , November 15, 2017 5:11 pm

The Commission will respond to private sector corruption into the Sohu in October 28, 2016 anti-corruption plan – News (Friday) at 3 pm, the Central Propaganda Department held a press conference, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Central Organization Department, the Central Propaganda Department responsible comrades of the Chinese Communist Party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, and a reporter asked. Nigeria TV reporter: in Nigeria, there are some anti-corruption action is not very successful, to some negative effects and impact on economic development, so we want to ask the Chinese experience in the anti-corruption. Because we know that China’s anti-corruption has been very successful, some high-level officials involved in the case has been successfully implemented. Another issue, in the future of China’s anti-corruption plan, is not the private sector corruption will also be included in the plan? Because we know that the private sector is not currently in the government’s anti-corruption plan. Wu Yuliang: you have two questions. In order to answer this question, I will answer your second question first. The Commission and the Commission for Discipline Inspection at all levels in the US is a specific organ of supervision within the party, according to the provisions of the party constitution, to fulfill the duties of supervision and discipline and accountability. In the background of comprehensive strictly, with the revision and implementation of party supervision regulations, inner-party supervision has achieved full coverage. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of the rule of law in accordance with the law, we have to exercise public authority to exercise full coverage of the supervision of all public officials, this is what you just said how to solve the problem of corruption in the government sector. All public officials will be punished according to law if they break the law because of corruption. The first question I understand is the relationship between corruption and economic development. In this regard, we have used many years of anti-corruption facts have proved a truth, that is to promote the development of economic corruption. There is also a saying that the impact of corruption on the economic development, the development of the economy has had a negative impact, according to the logic of this argument, that is, the impact of economic development of anti-corruption. In other words, corruption may have a positive impact on the development of the economy. But in fact, no one country is to rely on corruption to develop the economy, if there is, it is impossible to continue. The sustainable development of economy has its own inherent law, but it can not do without a good external environment. For example, to have a good investment environment, there must be a fair market order, must be severely punished bartering behavior etc.. In this regard, our country has indeed achieved a lot of successful experience, here I will not be introduced one by one. I’m just saying that this illustrates a truth, the development of the economy, the need to provide a strong guarantee against corruption. Thank you相关的主题文章:

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