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Centenarians died leaving two simple teachings from Fujian to Sichuan, from Sichuan to Hubei, from Hubei to Chongqing, Lin Zicheng a no one discrete. In this hundred years, Lin family had a good time. The love of a spouse, the love of a child, the love of a neighbor, the love of a stranger, all the love, the scent of a woman. A western style wedding in 1932, Hubei Yichang, 19 year old and 20 year old Wang De Lin Zicheng married. A handsome, a beautiful, it left a trendy, Chinese and Western wedding couple. The photo, the husband wife Chinese jacket, holding a hat, western style wedding dress, holding flowers. Lin Zicheng’s daughter Lin Fushan 75 years old this year, and the facial features on the photo is quite similar to parents. She said, the two parents are neighbors, are a family of scholar, is after the words of a match-maker, happy childhood sweetheart, forever. After marriage, his father entered the southwest region’s largest private bank Bank of juxingcheng Yichang semicolon, mother at home xiangfujiaozi. In the old story, father diligent and realistic, enter the bank from the trainee to start. My mother is a great lady, housework, everything to know needlework fancies of men of letters. A refugee family family ancestral home Fujian Putian, early after Sichuan moved to Hubei Yichang. After the outbreak of Anti Japanese War, the bombing to escape the Japanese machine, Lin began to migrate. Lin Zicheng first with poly Hing Bank to Chongqing. A family of thirty or forty, some by boat, some walking, fled from Yichang to Chongqing. Go to Wanxian (now Wanzhou), walk, settled down. Subsequently, Lin Zicheng also to Wanxian family reunion. For safety, thirty or forty people living in the countryside and keep them in Wanxian, elderly home, men are going to work. At that time, one family eating baskets of pick, room rent live full, very lively. Although the constant fear of falling bombs, do continued to flee for a day, but the family enjoyable, everyone to do the right thing, take care of each other. Under the flames, but no one discrete. A fragrant mansion in 1948, near the end of the war, the Lins moved into Wanxian Town, thirty or forty people around the house. After the liberation, one family heart laid down, just to catch up with the businessman, the warlords to sell a house, then pour all the family bought a merchant’s mansion, renamed Lin zhai. Lin Fushan 6 siblings, spent a good time in the woods. The yard is full of flowers, fruit trees, four seasons fragrance. At home, people continue to go to school, work. Lin Fushan said, the mother is a traditional family after the liberation of women, was the first to study midwifery and medical knowledge, as the obligations of the barefoot doctors in the community and the country. "We wear the clothes and shoes are made by mother, mother is busy cooking food, family, and go out, the doctor delivered her." The 67 year old daughter Lin Weihong four Lin said. 3 years of famine and hunger. Get rid of the Lin family in courtyard full of flowers and trees, a vegetable. Never did one family farm, a vegetable garden by the tenacious live. The mother delivered the farm sometimes sent several bran dumplings, home of respect, are reserved for the elderly. Later, some people see the Lin family lived in a big house, the door denounced. Neighbors have come out to testify: his family are hard-working and kind-hearted people. Because of the family相关的主题文章:

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