CCTV about how to deal with the new deal in the car to start with the final

By , April 16, 2018 10:23 pm

CCTV: about how to deal with the new deal in the car to start with the final consensus? The writer Wang Yahong, CCTV commentary strict management network about cars and the barbaric growth stage will end with the network about the new car draft issued, although not formally implemented, but this has made the whole network about cars are faced with new policy threshold. From a local account to a large number of new cars and other local cars, a series of provisions, have shown that the current deal on the network about the car may be more stringent management. This may mark the network about the car barbaric growth stage has come to an end. In the past few years, in the "Internet plus" and "sharing economy" outlet, network about the car market from scratch, rapid development, the emergence of a number of powerful enterprises. At the same time in a large number of staking style subsidies, cheap and quick network about the car also changed the travel habits of many people. However, due to the network about the car is a new thing in the market, the management of this area is relatively backward, so there are some problems in the market. For example, the specification of a large vehicle, security measures, such as lax management of these aspects have remained at the level of internal norms of each company, has not yet formed a unified industry wide rules. And the introduction of the new deal is to have development in the network about the car industry, based on the summary of the practice of the policy to the padded short board. The new deal should be "economic fast" can not be a black humor for new things to regulate and supervision is a must. The question is how to regulate and supervise? At present, the whole society has reached a consensus in some general direction. For example, through the Internet platform to make transportation more efficient, more safety, reduce congestion, reduce carbon emissions, ease the city core functions and so on. Whether it is the Beijing Shanghai and other places of regulators, or people living in these places, as well as the network about car platform, which will not oppose. Therefore, the new deal, of course, can not be violated. But judging from the current draft, the network about car management settings, many standards higher than the standard taxi. It can reduce the impact of the traditional industries, but this way about network car is also to continue to maintain its rapid economic advantage to call into question, and the network about the car platform will become more and more like a taxi company. Originally, passengers can expect the development of network about cars forced taxi company reform, but if the network becomes the car about the amnesty, it will become a black humor in the development of the Internet economy. In addition, the draft of the displacement and vehicle wheelbase constraints, is also considered to be inconsistent with the concept of green travel. Again, on the net about car drivers have to local household registration, there is no small controversy, after all, in many places (including Shanghai itself) in the implementation of the residence permit system, and gradually achieve a residence permit to enjoy public services consistent with the residents. Finally, for basically identified as vehicle operators additional provisions of the draft on the net about the car, rather than to encourage private owners to engage in a ride or carpool business. This is essentially a way to solve the problem by increasing the operating vehicle travel, and share the essence of the economy. Because the sharing of the economy itself is to improve the efficiency of existing vehicles to solve more people.相关的主题文章:

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