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Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and steel joint reorganization of iron and steel industry Chinese revealed conc 心之国的爱丽丝cos

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By , November 13, 2017 2:16 am

Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and steel joint reorganization of iron and steel industry Chinese revealed "concentration" trend of hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money in new Beijing on 22 September, (Chen Su) China SASAC the official website of 22 announcement: approved by the State Council, Baosteel Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Baosteel") and Wuhan Iron & Steel (Group) Company (hereinafter referred to as WISCO) implementation of the joint reorganization. According to the plan, from the closing date, Wuhan whole free classified Baosteel, Baosteel was renamed Chinese Bao Wu Steel Group Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Bao Wu"). At the end of June this year, Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and Steel Group also announced the suspension announcement, the announcement shows the controlling shareholder of Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and steel is planning a strategic restructuring. China two leading steel central enterprises "marriage", known as the largest Chinese recombination events of the iron and steel industry in recent years. According to statistics, after the reorganization of the Chinese Bao Wu total assets will exceed 700 billion yuan (RMB, same below), the annual production capacity will reach 60 million tons, the world’s largest scale after ArcelorMittal steel enterprises. 2015 is widely regarded as the iron and steel industry China the turning point of the year, China’s crude steel production in recent 34 years is the first negative growth, a large number of iron and steel enterprises suffered huge losses, the whole industry into the winter. Vice president of China Industry Association Chi Jingdong said, Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and steel iron and steel industry restructuring is Chinese demonstration through the restructuring of the restructuring, to avoid vicious competition, improve the market competitiveness, but also represents the future development trend of the industry. He said that mergers and acquisitions will become the dominant Chinese in iron and steel industry, iron and steel industry in 2025 to Chinese 60%-70% will focus on about ten large groups. (end) [Sina] shares into the financial discussion

宝钢武钢联合重组 中国钢铁业显露“集中”趋势 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新股申购:股市最简单捡钱方式   中新社北京9月22日电 (陈溯)中国国务院国资委官网22日发布公告:经报国务院批准,宝钢集团有限公司(以下简称“宝钢”)与武汉钢铁(集团)公司(以下简称“武钢”)实施联合重组。   根据方案,自交割日起,武钢整体无偿划入宝钢,宝钢更名为中国宝武钢铁集团有限公司(以下简称“中国宝武”)。   今年6月底,宝钢股份和武钢股份同时发布停牌公告,公告显示各自的控股股东宝钢和武钢正在筹划战略重组事宜。   中国两大龙头钢铁央企的“联姻”,被称为近年来中国钢铁产业最大规模的重组事件。经统计,重组后的中国宝武总资产将超过7000亿元(人民币,下同),年产能将达到6000万吨,规模仅次于全球第一大钢企安赛乐米塔尔。   2015年被外界视为中国钢铁业的转折之年,全国粗钢产量近34年首现负增长,大批钢铁企业出现巨额亏损,全行业进入寒冬。   中国钢铁行业协会副会长迟京东表示,宝钢和武钢的重组是中国钢铁行业的示范性重组,通过重组将避免恶性竞争,提高市场竞争力,也代表了行业未来发展的趋势。他透露,兼并重组将成为中国钢铁行业的主导,到2025年中国钢铁产业的60%-70%将集中在十家左右的大集团之中。(完) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Negative interest rates in the BoJ financial products trap 滨州学院人事处

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The Bank of Japan’s negative interest rate effect: financial dilemma Securities Times reporter Wu Jiaming recently, negative interest rates in the global financial market caused a great disturbance, but from yesterday, the negative interest rate policy by the Bank of Japan began to take effect. In January, Japan’s central bank unexpectedly launched a negative interest rate policy, the introduction of the three level interest rate system, financial institutions will be stored from the previous 0.1% to -0.1% in part of the excess reserve interest rate of the Bank of japan. Taro Aso, Japan’s finance minister, said the negative interest rate policy will give positive incentives to consumption and investment, and is expected to increase economic growth. In view of the deterioration of financial institutions, he stressed: "after the introduction of the new policy, it is still necessary to observe the effect for a period of time."." However, there are Japanese bank executives said that further interest rate cuts may not substantially boost demand for loans. Although Japan’s central bank governor Kuroda Higashihiko pointed out that the bank may be a negative interest rate cut further, but market participants generally believe that the more such easing what can bring good effect not to expect too much. More analysts believe that the financial markets have been identified with negative interest rates, the Bank of Japan is failing, that in the global market turmoil, the choice can be used to stimulate economic growth is not much. Finance has become harder to finance since the BoJ announced a negative interest rate policy. According to Japanese media reports, a number of banks in Japan has lowered interest rates loans and housing loans, but the attendant problem is more difficult to deposit money. Japanese banks have the current deposit interest rate cut from 0.02% to 0.001%, for the first time 5 years, as the number of banks lowered the deposit interest rate, interest income will be further reduced, how to develop financial products has also become a problem. Japan postal savings bank also stopped the planned 22 days since the launch of trust and financial products sales. Recently, negative interest rates have become high frequency words, and many global central banks are competing to relax. Is this an antidote or a poison? Reuters also pointed out that a significant side effect of negative interest rates, is poisoned the bank’s business model and stock price, which will increasingly reduce banking income, weaken them as a financial intermediary business model. Although economic growth is facing a lot of pressure, South Korea’s central bank yesterday still maintain the benchmark interest rate unchanged at 1.5%, this is the eighth consecutive month to maintain interest rates unchanged. Recently, the South Korean government bond yields fell to a record low, before the Bank of Japan to take a negative interest rate policy and the Fed hinted that it will postpone raising interest rates, the Bank of Korea is expected to market may soon be further easing of monetary policy. Economists at Barclays and ANZ predicted that the Bank of Korea would cut interest rates in March. HSBC economist Joseph Incalcaterra said that although the South Korean Central Bank to cut interest rates, but considering the deterioration of market confidence, weak economic data, and ultimately easing. However, South Korea’s central bank governor Li Zhulie was firmly opposed to further easing, he said the external market turmoil even based on South Korea’s central bank monetary easing, but the effect caused by the low interest rate is unpredictable. In addition, to the theory of beauty

日本央行负利率生效:理财产品陷窘境   证券时报记者 吴家明   最近,负利率在全球金融市场掀起轩然大波,但从昨日开始,日本央行的负利率政策开始正式生效。   1月,日本央行意外推出负利率政策,引入三级利率体系,将金融机构存放在日本央行的部分超额准备金存款利率从之前的0.1%降至-0.1%。日本财务大臣麻生太郎表示,负利率政策将给消费和投资以正向刺激,有望提高经济增速。针对金融机构收益恶化等问题,他强调:“新政策出台后,显现成效尚需要观察一段时间。”不过,有日本的银行高管表示,利率进一步下调可能不会大幅提振贷款需求。   尽管日本央行行长黑田东彦指出该行可能将负利率进一步调降,但市场人士普遍认为,对更多这样的宽松举措能带来什么良效不抱太大期望。更有分析人士认为,金融市场已经认定日本央行的负利率是失败之举,显示在全球市场动荡的局面下,该行可用来刺激经济增长的选择已经不多。   自日本央行宣布负利率政策后,贷款似乎变得容易了,理财却变得困难起来。据日本媒体报道,日本多家银行已经下调了借贷和住房贷款利率,但随之而来的问题是存款理财开始变得困难起来。有日本的银行已经将活期存款利率从0.02%下调至0.001%,为5年来的首次调整,由于多家银行下调了存款利率,家庭的利息收入将进一步减少,理财产品如何制定也成为问题。日本邮储银行也紧急停止了原计划22日起推出的信托理财产品销售。   最近,负利率成为高频词,全球多国央行竞相宽松,这是解药还是毒药?路透社也指出,实施负利率的一个明显副作用,是毒害银行的业务模式和证券价格,这将愈发减少银行业收入,削弱它们作为金融中介的业务模式。   尽管经济增长面临诸多压力,韩国央行昨日依然维持基准利率于1.5%不变,这已经是该行连续第八个月维持利率不变。   近期,韩国国债收益率跌至纪录低点,之前日本央行采取负利率政策且美联储暗示会延后加息,市场转而预计韩国央行可能很快会进一步放宽货币政策。巴克莱及澳新银行等机构的经济学家预估,韩国央行将在3月宣布降息。汇丰经济学家Joseph Incalcaterra表示,韩国央行虽然不急于降息,但考虑到市场信心恶化、经济数据疲弱,最终还是会推出宽松政策。不过,韩国央行行长李柱烈却坚决反对进一步宽松,他表示基于外部市场的动荡,即使韩国央行采取货币宽松政策,但由低利率所产生的影响是不可预知的。   此外,对于美联储主席耶伦来说,未来四周可能是对美联储货币政策的严峻考验。耶伦最近向美国国会议员保证,美国经济将强劲到足以承受紧缩货币政策。因此,从现在起到3月15日、16日美联储货币政策会议召开之间,耶伦将密切关注金融市场动荡是否会阻碍美联储进一步加息。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

the poll results are likely to become a sterling price trend fuse. But it should be noted that if the British referendum in favor of leaving the EU 盈朗文化

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Yesterday, the pound fell against the dollar to expand – Sohu financial "stay in Europe", "retreat Europe" storm renewed, Guangzhou daily news (reporter Zhou Hui) is to go or stay, the mayor of London, a word triggered big fluctuations in sterling exchange rate. Although the European Union and Britain agreed to stay in Europe at the end of last week, there was still disagreement over the retreat in Europe, and political uncertainty weighed down Sterling after opening. London mayor Johnson yesterday expressed support for Britain’s departure from the European Union, increased the possibility of the British referendum in June to approve of the possibility of getting rid of Europe, the pound fell 1.6% yesterday, the pound against the major currencies yesterday, the whole city fell sharply, the pound against the dollar fell more than a month to the largest. Affected by the news, Asian city early Monday, about 1% pound against the dollar, euro and yen all tiaokongdikai. The pound fell by about 1% against the dollar, the euro and the yen. The pound against the dollar fell to 1.4235, the biggest decline since January 15th, the newspaper 1.4279; late Friday at about 1.4405, or 0.5%, GBPUSD was ascribed to 1.4370 above. Foreign exchange analysts said that the British "Europe" is still a high probability event, but in the June 23rd referendum before, back in Europe will continue to ferment and problems affecting the pound, the British domestic poll mechanism is developed, the poll results are likely to become a sterling price trend fuse. But it should be noted that if the British referendum in favor of leaving the EU, the pound may fall. Goldman Sachs has pointed out that in this case, the pound may be devalued by 20%. Goldman Sachs said earlier this month that if the UK withdrew from the European Union, the pound could fall to 1.15~1.20 against the dollar, the lowest level in 1985. The analysis of the risk aversion of the euro and the yen shows that the euro is expected to go up again against the pound, if the market is to consider the risk of Britain’s retreat from Europe and the concerns of other global markets, leading to a further increase in the attractiveness of the euro as a safe haven. 0.79. However, considering the British exit is bad news for Europe, the yen may perform better in this respect. Morgan Stanley analysts believe that in the short run, the market risk appetite will bring pressure on the euro, the rise of the euro financing arbitrage transactions. Moreover, in the past week, U.S. economic data remained stable. The US employment market, domestic demand and manufacturing performance are both resilient. However, after the beginning of the financial market environment tightening sharply, the Federal Reserve is still or wait and see attitude. In short terms, the dollar is in a weak position against high yielding currencies. Author: Zhou Hui

昨日英镑兑美元跌幅扩大-搜狐理财   “留欧”“退欧”风波再起  广州日报讯  (记者周慧)是去还是留,伦敦市长的一句话引发英镑汇率大波动。尽管欧盟与英国在上周末达成“留欧”协议,但是英国国内对于退欧仍存分歧,政治不确定性打压英镑开盘后大幅下挫。伦敦市长约翰逊昨日表态支持英国脱离欧盟,增加了英国6月公投赞成脱欧的可能性,英镑昨日一度下跌1.6%,英镑兑主要货币昨日亚市盘初全线重挫,英镑兑美元跌幅创逾一个月来最大。  受上述消息影响,周一亚市盘初,英镑兑美元、欧元和日元全线跳空低开约1%。英镑兑美元、欧元和日元下跌约1%。英镑兑美元一度下跌至1.4235,跌幅创下1月15日来最大,最新报1.4279;上周五尾盘报约1.4405,涨幅为0.5%,英镑兑美元一度冲高至1.4370上方。  外汇分析人士表示,英国“留欧”依然是大概率事件,但在6月23日公投之前,“退欧”问题仍将持续发酵并影响英镑走势,英国国内民意调查机制十分发达,民调结果很可能成为英镑涨跌走势的导火索。不过需要注意的是,如果英国公投赞成脱离欧盟,英镑有可能大跌。高盛曾分析指出,在此情况下英镑可能最多贬值20%。高盛在本月稍早已经表示,假如英国退出欧盟,则英镑兑美元可能会跌至1.15~1.20,为1985年来最低水准。  欧元、日元避险作用再现  有银行分析认为,假如市场把英国退欧风险和其他全球市场担忧一并考虑,导致欧元作为避风港的吸引力进一步上升,欧元兑英镑有望再次上探0.79。不过,考虑到英国退出,对于欧洲是个坏消息,因此日元可能在这方面表现会更好。  摩根士丹利分析认为,短线来看,市场风险偏好的回暖会令欧元承压,欧元融资套利交易会兴起。此外,在过去一周中,美国经济数据表现仍稳固。美国就业市场、国内需求和制造业表现均具韧性。不过,在年初的金融市场环境大幅趋紧后,美联储目前或仍持观望态度。就短线而言,美元兑高收益货币或处于弱势。  作者:周慧相关的主题文章:

中国的一批国际工程承包公司开始利用高额的外储 鹰王猎情

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Why China infrastructure into the European: strength + full cash – Sohu financial infrastructure into the European Chinese why: the strength of the whole cash + Guo Liqin through the African Railway, bridge, buildings, has been Chinese foreign engineering contracting business to give the impression of. But now, the situation has changed. Through the wisdom of " buy buy buy " China’s a number of international engineering contract firms began to use high reserves, gradually spread to the previous related stock market trend of higher barriers to the developed market. In the past five years, China’s infrastructure construction is in a new round of " going out of " rising period. Even Premier Li Keqiang introduced infrastructure capabilities of China’s high-speed rail in many visits. Europe and the United States high-end market, but also the rise of this stage need to break through the bottleneck. Although China iron (7.820, 0.08, 1.03%), Chinese building (5.170, 0.06, 1.17%), Chinese Railway (9.950, 0.10, 1.02%), Chinese Luqiao, China Metallurgical Group, CITIC Group, from the last century since 60s has been in the overseas contract projects in recent years, more of a rush from Asia, Africa and South America etc. into the European market. On the one hand, the strength of Chinese enterprises, on the other hand, is more sensitive to the sensitive parts of the European and American markets, and the European infrastructure market has been difficult to enter. " overseas event " this is the typical representative of the complex situation. In 2009, China Overseas Engineering Co., Ltd. had a dispute in the project of winning the A2 Expressway in Poland. In June 2011, the project ended with the cancellation of the contract with the Poland Expressway administration. Europe and the United States business scale continues to expand, from Africa to Pakistan, China Communications Construction Co (hereinafter referred to as " China Construction (10.870, 0.16, 1.49%) ") Zhang Baozhong, deputy general manager of overseas department, is responsible for overseas affairs of enterprises for more than 30 years. From the Afghan Road, Pakistan project started overseas construction, to the development of 130 agencies, the traditional market is Asia Africa pull. Zhang Baozhong has been in charge of the African market for many years. Now, China has begun to merge into the United States and Australia by merging local companies. After the acquisition, the company’s advanced technology and its own strong manufacturing capabilities are integrated to form a stronger competitive advantage. He told the first Financial Daily reporters that the acquisition in the European and American markets is strategic. Last year, for example, China invested nearly $7 billion in construction and bought third of Australia’s largest construction companies. After the integration, both the profits, turnover, new contracts have been greatly improved, synergies are very good. The transaction has become China’s largest investment in construction enterprises in Australia so far. At the same time, they also bought the world’s largest oil drilling platform design company F& G, the 80% global design business, and in the middle.

中国基建何以打入欧美:实力+全款现汇-搜狐财经   中国基建何以打入欧美:实力+全款现汇   郭丽琴   穿越亚非拉的铁路、大桥、楼堂馆所,一直是中国对外承包工程业务给人的印象。但现在,情况却有了新变化。   通过有智慧的"买买买",中国的一批国际工程承包公司开始利用高额的外储,逐步把触角伸向那些以前 相关公司股票走势 壁垒较高的发达市场。   过去五年,中国的基础设施建设处于新一轮"走出去"的上升期。甚至李克强总理也在多次出访时,推介中国高铁在内的基础设施能力。欧美高端市场,也是这个上升阶段需要突破的瓶颈。   虽然中国中铁(7.820, 0.08, 1.03%)、中国建筑(5.170, 0.06, 1.17%)、中国铁建(9.950, 0.10, 1.02%)、中国路桥、中冶集团、中信集团等从上世纪60年代起便已在海外承揽工程,近年更急于从亚洲、非洲及南美洲等打入欧美市场。一方面是中国企业自身的实力问题,另一方面是欧美市场中较容易设定为敏感的部分,欧洲基础设施市场一直较难进入。   "中海外事件"就是这种复杂局势的典型代表。2009年,中国海外工程有限责任公司在波兰中标的A2高速公路项目中发生纠纷,2011年6月,该项目以与波兰高速公路管理局解除合同而告终。   欧美业务规模不断扩大   从非洲到巴基斯坦,中国交通建设股份有限公司(下称"中国交建(10.870, 0.16, 1.49%)")海外部副总经理张保中负责企业的海外事务超过30年了。从阿富汗的道路、巴基斯坦的项目开始启动海外建设,发展到了130个办事机构,传统的市场就是亚非拉。张保中也曾经多年分管非洲市场。   现在,中国交建也开始通过兼并本地公司方式,逐渐把触角深入美国、澳大利亚。在收购之后,将这些公司的先进技术与自身较强的制造能力整合起来,形成更强的竞争优势。   他对《第一财经日报》记者介绍说,在欧美市场的收购都是战略性的。比如,去年,中国交建投资了近70亿美元,收购了澳大利亚第三大建筑公司。经过整合,双方的利润、营业额、新签合同都有很大提升,协同效应非常好。该交易成为中国建筑企业在澳大利亚迄今最大规模的投资。同一时期,他们还在美国收购了世界上最大的石油钻井平台的设计公司F&G,包揽了80%全球设计业务,与中国港机的钢结构较强的加固能力相结合。现在,新加坡、菲律宾、美国、中东的很多钻井已经开始由整合后的公司设计制造。   让他不敢想象的是,根据国际工程承包界ER的排名,中国交建已经从去年的第九跃升至第五名,成为前十名中唯一的亚洲公司。   中国交建并非孤例。中工国际(24.38, 0.13, 0.54%)工程股份有限公司(下称"中工国际")则借助"一带一路"平台,参与了中国白俄罗斯工业园项目。中工国际总经理助理吕乐乐介绍说,这个项目选址在白俄罗斯首都明斯克机场附近,紧挨渝新欧铁路,交通便利。工业园统一跟政府谈政策,帮助中国企业在欧洲的工业园集群式走出去。这个项目将在今年年底完成。   吕乐乐对本报记者说:"欧美走出去早,产业链成熟,中国起步晚,技术性价比高,就从风险更大的发展中国家开始,然后向发达国家转移。以往的工业园区概念就是工地,现在要做成有配套的城市概念,要有娱乐和教育设施,而且要充分拉动所在国的就业,当地人才会支持。"   中工国际也在2012年4月以1.19亿加元(约合7.37亿人民币)的价格收购了普康公司60%的股权。加拿大普康公司为北美矿山工程的领先承包商,其在金矿、锌矿、钻石、钾盐以及土木和水利工程建设等相关领域经验丰富。该协议的签署标志着中工国际作为加拿大的当地企业开始进入中资企业一直难以进入的北美采矿领域和工程承包市场。   根据中国对外承包工程商会给《第一财经日报》提供的数据,五年来,对外承包工程企业在巩固亚洲和非洲传统市场的同时,不断加大对新市场的开发力度。在欧洲、北美洲业务增幅均超过200%,2015年完成营业额占总营业额的10.7%,创下五年来新高。中东欧市场业务从无到有,经营规模不断扩大。企业以并购当地知名企业的方式进入了西欧、北美、澳大利亚等发达国家市场。2015年新签合同按照国别分,美国和澳大利亚进入前十名。   中国对外承包工程商会新闻发言人张湘对本报记者强调,除了上述发达国家,相当多会员企业现在已经接收到邀约。2016年,在美国和英国,还会有更多斩获。   中企收购背后的金融优势   中国交建和中工国际成功收购的背后,有中国企业不可忽视的优势――雄厚的外汇储备。   清华大学中美关系研究中心高级研究员周世俭对本报记者说,中国企业在海外收购的过程中,受到被收购方欢迎很重要的一个原因,就是全款现汇(downpayment)。   中国化工集团公司(下称"中国化工")3日宣布,拟430亿美元收购先正达。此前,全球第二大种业公司孟山都也曾提出过类似要约,但有行业内人士对本报记者提及,在付款方式和最终价格上,都不及中国化工有优势。   中国高额的外汇储备与较为封闭的管理方式,一直以来在国际国内都饱受质疑。一个普遍的说法是,中国政府并没有藏汇于民。此外,对外投资方式又主要以购买收益率较低的美债为主,在金融危机以后,这种投资的政治、经济风险都在逐步放大。   周世俭认为,包括中国化工对先正达的收购,都是将好钢用在刀刃上的漂亮动作。未来,希望能继续鼓励有实力的企业,通过这种方式用好中国的外汇储备。   联合国贸发组织官员梁国勇则对本报记者称,中国国内总体上资金充裕,政策支持情况下融资成本不高,这是海外并购的重要推动力。因为在外汇储备委托贷款模式下,国内企业的美元贷款成本并不高。而且,中国企业的海外收购很多是在海外融资,因为融资成本更低、更划算。而且,这一点上,国企和民企享受的待遇是类似的。   根据中国对外承包工程商会提供的资料,金融机制创新也在为项目运作提供新助力。为促进"一带一路"项目合作,中国政府筹建了丝路基金,推动设立亚洲基础设施投资银行、金砖国家新开发银行,还将构建上海合作组织融资机构。近年来,随着本币互换合作国别的增多和人民币进入特别提款权货币篮子,人民币国际化的步伐进一步加快;在政策性金融机构之外,商业性金融机构也在加大对境外投资和工程项目的支持力度。   在张保中看来,自己作为央企的代表,除了评估风险和收益,还要履行国家的外交战略,不仅要"在商言商",还要"在商言政"。而中国企业在未来走出去的过程中,还需要向欧美企业学习"本土化"。   "我们与欧美公司最大的差距就在本地化,它们会愿意使用本土的总负责人和财务。"他说。相关的主题文章:

去年12月内地访港游客仅372万 氢氧化钴受热易分解

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Hongkong tourism industry recovery prescription three state exemption billion yuan cost Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide Hong Kong level2 market mechanism cards through Hongkong Financial Secretary Ceng Junhua yesterday in the Hongkong SAR Legislative Council read proposed a new year’s budget, in view of the current situation of tourism, will be introduced including the travel agencies, hotels, hotels, restaurants within a year of the hawker licence fee exemption, expand the frequency and scale of large-scale activities and improve the tourism infrastructure such as short and long term measures to reduce operating costs, enhance the industry attractiveness and competitiveness of Hongkong. Three state exemption billion yuan costs in the short term, Ceng Junhua proposed for travel agencies, hotels and restaurants and hawker licence fee waiver. A total of 1800 travel agencies, 2000 hotels and hotels, 2.7 restaurants and hawkers, and exemptions for restricted food sales licenses were also included. It has been reported that the sum of the three types of tourism formats is exempted from HK $140 million. Statistical data show that, by the mainland tourists reduced significantly and other factors, the three format suffered a major blow. In the hotel, the last 1-11 months, Hong Kong Hotel industry revenue per available houses fell 12%, the occupancy rate and average house prices fell 3.4% and 8.9%; in restaurants, in December last year, the Hongkong winter delicacy Festival, insiders admitted that since the local and mainland inbound passenger consumption ratio of 7:3 last year, mainland tourists significantly reduced. According to the latest data released by the Hongkong Tourism Development Bureau in January 29th, the number of Inbound Visitors in the mainland in 2015 was 45 million 842 thousand, down by 3% compared with the same period, and the number of overnight visitors in the mainland dropped by 5.7%. In December last year, only 3 million 720 thousand of mainland visitors arrived, with a record decrease of 15.5% in the last month. Insiders said that the government could exempt the three types of formats by exempting the operating costs of the licences. Zhuang Zhicheng, chairman of Mai Mai network, said in an interview with the Beijing Business Daily reporter, according to this exemption policy, its land contact agency in Hongkong can reduce the expenditure of HK $5820 this year, which also reduces the operating costs of travel agencies to a certain extent. Encourage enterprises to promote tourism travel in the middle of the measures, Ceng Junhua proposed to exempt the local industry to participate in the overseas promotion fee, by pairing form financing small and medium-sized travel agency and the launch of a new round of publicity offensive in the short haul market in the mainland, strengthen propaganda and a series of Letos. It is reported that the investment in the medium-term measures will also reach 240 million Hong Kong dollars. Analysis of the industry, exemption from the local enterprises overseas promotion tour exhibition fees and other measures to cooperate with the Hongkong SAR government will strengthen this year in overseas, especially the promotion of Southeast Asia’s call for enterprise will provide the government support funds for the expansion of other business segments. Hongkong chief executive Liang Zhenying on the day before the publication of the 2016 policy address disclosure, the Hongkong government has asked the Hongkong Tourism Bureau to strengthen overseas especially in Southeast Asia, the promotion efforts, and therefore a grant of $80 million, also on the dial

香港给旅游业复苏开出药方 三业态豁免亿元费用 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   香港财政司司长曾俊华昨日在香港特区立法会上宣读新一年的财政预算案中提出,鉴于当下的旅游形势,将推出包括对旅行社、酒店、旅馆、食肆小贩的一年内牌照费用豁免、扩展大型活动频次和规模以及提升旅游基建等短、中、长期措施,以减轻业界经营成本、加强香港吸引力和竞争力。   三业态豁免亿元费用   在短期措施方面,曾俊华提出针对旅行社、酒店和旅馆以及食肆小贩的牌照费用减免。其中共涉及旅行社1800家、酒店和旅馆2000家,食肆和小贩2.7万家,受限制食物售卖许可证的豁免也被纳入其中。有报道显示,三种旅游业态共享受豁免金额为1.4亿港元。   有统计数据显示,受到内地游客大幅减少等因素影响,三业态遭受重大打击。在酒店方面,去年1-11月,香港酒店业每间可售房收入下滑12%,入住率和平均房价分别下降3.4%和8.9%;在食肆方面,在去年12月香港冬季美食节上,有业内人士坦言,一直以来本地客与内地访港旅客的消费比例为7:3,去年内地游客明显减少。   根据香港旅游发展局1月29日公布的最新数据显示,2015年内地访港旅客4584.2万人次,同比下跌3%,内地过夜旅客人次下跌5.7%。去年12月内地访港游客仅372万,以15.5%的跌幅创下去年单月下跌最大幅度纪录。有业内人士表示,政府通过豁免牌照经营费用,可以在一定程度上给予这三类业态喘息的机会。迈游网董事长庄志成在接受北京商报记者采访时也表示,根据此项豁免政策,其在香港的地接社今年可以减少5820港元的支出,这也在一定程度上降低了旅行社的经营成本。   鼓励旅企赴外推广旅游   在中期措施方案中,曾俊华提出豁免本地业界参加海外推介会参展费用、通过配对形式资助中小型旅行社以及在短途市场推出新一轮宣传攻势,加强在内地宣传等一系列措施。据悉,在中期措施方面的投入也将达到2.4亿港元。   业内人士分析,豁免本地旅企海外推介会参展费用等措施是为配合香港特区政府今年将加强在海外、特别是东南亚地区推广力度的号召,利于企业将政府提供的扶持资金用于拓展其他业务板块上。   香港特区行政长官梁振英在日前发表2016年施政报告时披露,香港政府已要求香港旅游发展局加强向海外特别是东南亚的推广力度,并为此拨款8000万港元,另外拨出1000万港元用于支持旅游景点在海外市场宣传。据不完全统计,香港特区政府在2015年用于提振旅游业的资金超过1.2亿港元。   去年,为打击香港旅游市场的零负团费问题,香港旅游业议会曾表示将为旅行社“地接价”制定价格标准,为内地游客在选择旅游团时提供市价参考。   而此次曾俊华提出的透过香港旅游业议会,以配对形式资助中小旅行社,提高业界竞争力也被认为是去年旅游业议会为了改善旅游市场的延续性政策,意在防止中小旅行社在市场不景气的情况下,通过低价收团破坏香港旅游市场。   全力扶持两大主题公园   曾俊华将香港迪士尼和海洋公园的基础设施建设纳入到长远规划当中。据了解,占地60公顷的香港迪士尼乐园“铁甲奇侠”新园区和以探索冒险为主题的新酒店将分别于今明两年启用。香港海洋公园第一家酒店和大树湾水上乐园也预计分别在明年和2018年落成。有业内人士分析,在香港政府对于香港迪士尼和海洋公园两大主题公园的基建项目支持的背后,是两大主题公园面临内忧外患的局面。   一方面,香港迪士尼2015年净亏损1.48亿港元,去年入园游客人数比2014年的750万人次减少了70万,整体入场人次下降9.3%,其中主要跌幅来自内地游客,内地游客入场人次同比减少23%。香港海洋公园虽然实现了4520万港元的盈余,但是在入园人次方面却也同比下跌了2.6%。另一方面,随着上海迪士尼将于6月开园,其对香港两大主题公园所产生的分流作用不可避免。   有业内人士分析,香港迪士尼和海洋公园在香港旅游业内有风向标意义。因此香港政府才会对其全力扶持,希望借助两大主题公园的业绩回暖,吸引更多游客到来。   专家:短期难见效   中国未来研究会旅游分会副会长刘思敏认为,香港方面所采取的一系列措施是情理之中,但能否取得成效不太乐观。“这一系列措施无法解决香港在激烈市场竞争中的性价比以及此前发生的奶粉事件、占中事件等一系列所产生的内地游客心中的隔阂问题。如何改善香港旅游的形象,弥补游客对香港的感情应是破题的关键。”刘思敏表示。   北京联合大学旅游学院副院长张凌云认为,在访港旅客人数不断下降的情况下,通过豁免旅游经营者的牌照费用有利于降低旅游业者的经营成本。但是,旅游行业的供给侧改革应该与其需求相匹配,在受大环境影响所导致的访港旅客的人数和需求双双下跌的情况下,这样一种豁免,恐怕难以切中要害。   北京商报记者 陈杰 张致宁   香港旅游业短中长期措施一览   短期   豁免1800家旅行社、2000家酒店旅馆、2.7万家食肆和商户一年的牌照费用   中期   在规模、数量和内容上,加强体育、科技、文化、美食活动和赛事对游客的吸引力   推新宣传片重塑形象   继续推行景点配对基金   资助业界推广会展和“飞航邮轮”旅游   豁免本地业界参加海外推介会参展费用   资助中小旅行社   推广香港自然景观和历史文化   长期   香港迪士尼增建旅游项目   香港海洋公园增建旅游项目   继续筹划启德和大屿山的旅游项目   美食先导车计划增美食车停泊位至16个 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: