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Zhejiang fishing boats and Greek oil tanker sank after the collision 6 man lost (Figure) 性感小阿姨和表姐

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Zhejiang fishing boats and Greek oil tanker sank after the collision drowning 6 people lost contact (Figure) at 10 pm on October 28th, Taizhou maritime search and rescue center with Zhejiang maritime search and rescue center reported that the Greek tanker "Aurora" and "Zhejiang Ling fishing 91002 fishing boat off the coast of Taizhou in collision," all 6 Zhejiang 91002 Yu Ling "the boat fell into the water, unaccounted for. After receiving the report, the Taizhou maritime search and rescue center immediately launched the emergency plan, organize and coordinate forces to search and rescue, and requested "Antarctic light" stationed on-site search and rescue. At the same time, navigational warnings are issued to require vessels to assist in search and rescue. They also notified the governments of Yuhuan and Wenling to organize other relevant forces to participate in the search. As of press time, the East China Sea rescue 111 and the East China Sea Fleet warships, "Zhejiang Yu Yu Yun 10658", "Zhejiang Ling Yu Yun 31092, like Zhejiang Yu Yun 31001 and has been rushed to the scene of the accident," Zhejiang Ling Yu 91046 "," Zhejiang Ling Yu Yun 23505, Zhejiang Ling Yu Yun 23853 "," Zhejiang Ling Yu Yun 91099 "Ship Search and rescue at the scene. Affected by a new round of cold wave southward, Taizhou coastal wind up to 9 winds, gust 10, to the maritime search and rescue work has brought a certain degree of difficulty. At present, maritime search and rescue work is being carried out. Correspondent Chen Fangda Wu Zhangqiang reporter Chen Dong

浙江渔船与希腊籍油轮碰撞后沉没 6人落水失联(图)   10月28日晚上10点,台州市海上搜救中心接浙江省海上搜救中心报,希腊籍油轮“南极光”与渔船“浙岭渔91002”在台州外海发生碰撞,“浙岭渔91002”船上6人全部落水,下落不明。   接报后,台州市海上搜救中心立即启动应急预案,组织协调力量全力搜救,并要求“南极光”驻守现场参与搜救。同时,发布航行警告要求过往船舶协助搜救。   他们还通报玉环、温岭市政府,组织其他相关力量参与搜寻。   截至发稿时,“东海救111”以及东海舰队一军舰,“浙玉渔运10658”、“浙岭渔运31092”、“浙象渔运31001”等已赶往事故现场,“浙岭渔91046”、“浙岭渔运23505”、“浙岭渔运23853”、“浙岭渔运91099”等船舶在现场搜救。   受新一轮寒潮南下影响,台州沿海风力达9级大风,阵风10级,给海上搜救工作带来了一定的难度。目前,海上搜救工作正在紧张进行当中。   通讯员 陈方达 吴樟强 记者 陈栋相关的主题文章:

During the national day, 19 cities introduced the property market regulation and control policy &nbs 安阳工学院怎么样

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During the national day, 19 cities introduced property control policy   restrictions on the purchase of credit as the core content – Fujian Channel – People’s original title: 19 city introduced the property market regulation policy "golden nine silver ten" occasion, many domestic successive introduction of the property market regulation new deal. From September 30th to October 6th, a total of 19 cities issued new property market regulation policies successively. Analysis of the industry, this is the beginning of a new round of tightening control, it is expected that this stock control tide will continue, "silver ten" turnover or will decline. Reporters combed found that during the national day, the introduction of the property market regulation and control policy content, although there are similarities and differences, but the core content is the purchase limit credit: – restriction. In the ten city in the current round of introduction of new regulation, basically involves the restart or expand the purchase, including Hefei, Nanjing restriction policy is very strict, local residence ban the purchase of third sets of new premises (the main transaction area); Suzhou to the administrative scope of the largest, under the jurisdiction of the Wujiang District, Kunshan City, Taicang city into the scope of the purchase. Limited loan. Carding many regulatory policies, common policies for the promotion of two suites down payment to 40% or 50%. Among them, Suzhou greater efforts, not only third sets of prohibited loans, two suites down payment (loan is not settled) also increased to 80%; Beijing further expanded the scope of two suites identified. Dai Yiyi, a professor of management at Xiamen University, believes that, to some extent, the madness of this market is inextricably linked to high leverage. Many land restriction, land policy and credit restriction policy are typical measures of deleveraging from both ends of supply and demand. Industry analysts believe that, from the focus of the introduction of policies, mainly in the second tier cities, and basic prices are higher cities. "Follow-up is expected to have more cities to upgrade the property market regulation policy."." Central Plains real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei believes that this round of restriction policy, the field of household registration qualifications and credit eligibility began to tighten, which means that the regulation of housing prices from the previous line of comprehensive spread to second tier cities. However, some analysts believe that while some of the property market is hot, some cities are still facing the pressure of destocking. (reporter Dong Jianguo) "people’s Daily" (08 October 2016 02 Edition) (commissioning editor Wu Zhou and Shi Yunjuan) 国庆期间19城出台楼市调控政策 限购限贷为核心内容–福建频道–人民网 原标题:19城出台楼市调控政策   “金九银十”之际,国内多地接连出台楼市调控新政。9月30日到10月6日夜间,共计19城先后发布新的楼市调控政策。业内人士分析,这是新一轮调控收紧的开始,预计这股调控浪潮或将继续,“银十”成交量或将下滑。   记者梳理发现,国庆期间各地出台的楼市调控政策内容虽有异同,但核心内容都是限购限贷:   ――限购。在本轮出台调控新政的十几座城市中,基本都涉及重启或扩大限购,其中合肥、南京限购政策比较严格,本地户籍禁购第三套新房(限主力成交区域);苏州涉及的行政范围最大,下辖的吴江区、昆山市、太仓市也纳入了限购范围。   ――限贷。梳理多地的调控政策,常见政策为提升二套房首付至四成或五成。其中,苏州力度较大,不但第三套禁贷,二套房首付(贷款未结清)也提升到了八成;北京则进一步扩大了二套房认定范围。   厦门大学管理学教授戴亦一认为,从某种程度上来说,这一轮市场的疯狂跟高杠杆效应密不可分。多地限购、土地政策以及限贷政策都是从供需两端去杠杆的典型措施。   业内分析认为,从各地集中出台的政策看,主要以二线城市为主,而且基本都是前期房价涨幅较高的城市。“预计后续还将有更多城市升级楼市调控政策。”中原地产首席分析师张大伟认为,这一轮限购政策,对外地户籍的购房资格和信贷资格开始收紧,意味着房价的调控从过去的一线全面蔓延到二线城市。不过,一些分析人士认为,在一些楼市火爆的同时,一些城市仍然面临去库存的压力。(记者董建国)   《 人民日报 》( 2016年10月08日 02 版) (责编:吴舟、施云娟)相关的主题文章:

U.S. election neighbors uneasy, Mexico Peso fell to a record low 梦想世界表情包

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The U.S. presidential election the neighbors uneasy. The Mexico Peso fell to a record low U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants in August 31, 2016, Republican presidential candidate Trump met with Mexico President pena. (source: Data photo) source: People’s daily on the evening of September 26th, the first presidential debate in the United States held in Hof, Stella, New York, Hempstead. With the U.S. presidential election in full swing, Mexico Peso exchange rate decline hit a new record low. Correlation analysis pointed out that the U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump’s election better have a great relationship. Under the spillover effect of the U.S. election, the economic situation of neighboring countries such as Mexico will go from here? Mexico Peso hurts, Mexico Peso exchange rate continues to decline recently. Earlier, the peso’s selling rate against the dollar dropped to a historic low, falling below $1 for the first time at 20 pesos. This year, the currency has fallen 12% against the dollar. In the face of the poor performance of the domestic currency, the president of Mexico Enrique · · Pena Nieto in Mexico; interview with local media, although this with the drop in oil prices and the Fed rate hike expectations are not unrelated, but the bigger factor is from the United States presidential candidate Trump. Recent polls show Trump’s support rate of catching the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary · Clinton. With the Trump election better, Mexico Peso exchange rate decline. Pena said: "the United States presidential candidate Trump effect of exchange rate on the position of Mexico, the United States presidential election results affected investor confidence in Mexico’s uncertainty." Since the election of President Trump, many negative statements and statements about Mexico have been published. He said the majority of immigrants in Mexico is "rapist", "drug traffickers," promised if elected president will expel illegal immigrants from Mexico and the construction of the wall in the Mexican border, and the cost borne by the Mexican side. He also said he would renegotiate NAFTA after the election and impose high tariffs on Mexico goods. CNN before the analysis that the peso exchange rate decline reflects investors worried that if Trump was in the White House, will undermine the political and economic relations between the United States and Mexico. Mexico Bissau and Canada and Similarly afflicted people pity each other. yuan. Reports from Societe Generale strategists suggest that the threat of Trump’s victory is spilling from the southwestern United States to the northern border, after the impact of the Mexico peso, which has spread to the Canadian dollar in September 16th. "Trump is against US Canada Mexico North American Free Trade Agreement, this is not only a threat to Mexico’s economic prospects, Canada has not spared." Xu Shicheng, a researcher at the Latin American Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said in an interview with us. There are indications that Trump has not become president of the United States, has begun to affect the currency exchange rate trend of neighboring countries. "Trump effect"

美国大选邻居不安 墨西哥比索跌至历史新低 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情 2016年8月31日,美国共和党总统候选人特朗普与墨西哥总统培尼亚会晤。 (来源:资料图片)   来源:人民日报   9月26日晚,美国首场总统大选辩论在纽约州亨普斯特德的霍夫斯特拉大学举行。随着美国总统大选如火如荼地展开,墨西哥比索汇率跌幅再创历史新低。   相关分析指出,这与美国共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普的选情好转有很大关系。在美国大选溢出效应之下,墨西哥等周边国家的经济状况将何去何从?   墨西哥比索的“伤痛”   墨西哥比索汇率近期持续下跌。此前早些时候,比索对美元的卖出汇率降至历史新低,首次跌破1美元兑换20比索大关。今年以来,这一货币对美元的汇率已下跌12%。   面对本国货币的糟糕表现,墨西哥总统恩里克·培尼亚·涅托在接受墨西哥当地媒体采访时表示,虽然这与油价下跌及美联储加息预期不无关系,但更大的因素却来自美国总统候选人特朗普。   近期多项民调显示,特朗普的民意支持率直追民主党总统候选人希拉里·克林顿。随着特朗普选情好转,墨西哥比索汇率每况愈下。   培尼亚说:“美国总统候选人特朗普对墨西哥的立场影响了汇率,美国总统选举结果的不确定性影响了投资者对墨西哥的信心。”   特朗普自参选总统以来,发表了许多针对墨西哥负面的言论和表态。他称多数墨西哥移民是“强奸犯”、“毒贩”,许诺一旦当选总统将驱逐墨西哥非法移民并在   美墨边界修建隔离墙,而且费用需由墨方承担。他还称,当选后将重新谈判北美自由贸易区协议,并要向墨西哥商品征收高额关税。   美国有线电视新闻网日前分析称,比索汇率下跌反映投资者担心如果特朗普果真入主白宫,将破坏美国与墨西哥之间的政治经济关系。   与墨西哥比索同病相怜的还有加拿大元。来自法国兴业银行策略师的有关消息显示,特朗普胜选的威胁正从美国的西南面溢出至北部边境以外,此前墨西哥比索承受的冲击,到9月16日已波及加元了。   “特朗普反对美墨加三国的北美自贸协定,这不仅仅威胁到墨西哥的经济前景,加拿大也不能幸免。”中国社会科学院拉美研究所研究员徐世澄在接受本报采访时说。   种种迹象表明,特朗普还没当上美国总统,就已经开始影响周边国家的货币汇率走势了。   “特朗普效应”的威力   “特朗普效应”的威力究竟从何而来?   复旦大学金融研究中心主任孙立坚在接受本报采访时说:“墨西哥国内经济长期处在一个发展乏力的状况中,它创造收入和获得就业机会的途径基本上仰仗于北美自由贸易协定。墨西哥在经济上高度依赖美国,美国国内的任何风吹草动都会对墨西哥产生影响。”   长期以来,美国一直是墨西哥第一大贸易伙伴国、第一大出口目的地和进口来源国。据国际货币基金组织数据显示,自1994年北美自贸协定生效以来,墨西哥与美国之间的年贸易额已增长了5倍,金额逾5000亿美元。   此种情形下,一旦特朗普当选后采取包括向墨西哥商品征收高额关税、重谈北美自贸协定等一系列贸易保护措施,无疑会对墨西哥国内经济造成巨大打击。   特朗普当选与否,都是后话。但是仅凭选情的变化和一些言论便能在金融市场掀起一阵风波,究其内在原因,还应从当前全球经济的整体状况追根溯源。   “从2008年经济危机到现在,发达国家或者说美国并没有给世界带来一个非常明确的经济复苏的希望,反而为了解决经济问题造成的压力,一直采取量化宽松的货币政策。”孙立坚说。   他表示,当今全球经济状况在基本面上缺乏真正的动力,大量资金找不到投资的好去处,于是就利用炒作热点话题来做短期行情。这已成为全球宽松货币政策之下经济的一个巨大后遗症。   “这次因为特朗普的言论做空墨西哥比索是如此,之前美联储主席耶伦的讲话产生的效应也是如此。”孙立坚说,“而这些其实都只是短期行情,假如特朗普真的上台,他以后的表态很可能会完全翻转过来,这些都很难说。”   墨西哥经济的未来   从目前状况来看,墨西哥的经济走势不容乐观。   据瑞士银行全球研究分析师表示,墨西哥比索当前的疲软表现,将再次对墨西哥经济形成巨大挑战。   “这次墨西哥比索大幅度贬值,直接的后果将导致储蓄的流失。加之墨西哥货币制度的开放,国内民众很轻易就能换得美元,资本的外逃、货币的替代现象将会很   严重。”孙立坚说,“国内资本流失,墨西哥无法做长期投资。外面进来的又都是短期资本,无法解决就业和创造税收,这就形成了恶性循环。”   墨西哥《经济家学报》报道称,出于外部因素的考量,墨西哥官方已下调今年的经济增长预期。根据墨西哥央行发布的数据,2016年国内生产总值增长将在2%至3%之间,低于去年12月预期的2.5%至3.5%。   徐世澄则表示:“近年来,墨西哥货币一直在贬值,而物价又不敢一下子调高幅度太大,国内经济发展举步维艰。”   关于特朗普对墨西哥比索汇率的影响力,也有一些分析表示质疑。美国布朗兄弟哈里曼新兴市场货币策略部负责人温·廷认为,特朗普即使当选总统,也不会把他关于墨西哥的所有竞选承诺变成现实。   对此,孙立坚认为:“特朗普本身商人气息非常浓厚,一切从实用角度出发。对他来说,今天最大的实用是要争取选票,所以他搞民粹,把矛头指向国外;美国一直都是自由贸易的主导者,未来,他一定会通过自贸协定为美国经济寻找机会,到时候对墨西哥他可能又是另一番言论了。”   无论特朗普当选与否,美国大选对墨西哥经济带来的影响都已形成。现在问题的关键是,墨西哥未来将如何应对? 责任编辑:帅可聪相关的主题文章:

Do you dare to live in a hotel like open house 奥特之母被怪兽吸奶

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Do you dare to live in a hotel like open house? Introduction: living in the distance of 120 meters from the ground, 360 degrees overlooking the beautiful scenery, what kind of experience? Now, you have to take a rope to gamble, walk around the world, from which bed wake up, indicating that you will have what kind of day, then live in these places is absolutely beating heart! (source: OnlyLady women) pay attention to the public number, have a tune tune, see more wonderful original content! The natural skyline — wake up in paradise cliff this hotel is located in Peru with the beautiful scenery of the Sacred Valley called the natural sky, why is your life because it is three capsule type glass room it built in the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs called Skylodge Adventure Suites. Just hanging through the rope in midair, up to 120 meters from the ground, 360 degree cliff viewing room, worthy of foreign media called the world’s most exciting hotel. Skylodge Adventure Suites each room is 7 meters long, 2.4 meters wide, there are 4 beds and 1 small restaurants, the top of the small skylight is the emergency exit, the transparent room can accommodate 8 people living together. Due to the use of special materials, guests do not have to worry about the bad weather, this is the real air hotel. Of course, the hotel is expensive, so cool rooms want to stay one night, need 200 pounds (about 1945 yuan). Skylodge Adventure Suites Skylodge Adventure Suites don’t see a large room, which still has a high-end bedding, providing a comfortable sleep environment for you. Skylodge Adventure Suites in addition to the bedroom, each room also has an environmental toilet, but I don’t know if you can solve the physiological problems here…… Skylodge Adventure Suites just, even though you’re so powerful, you don’t want to live in this hotel. You are either with hands and feet along the steep rock climb more than 100 meters, or take the strop from the side of the mountain to the other side slip. Along the steep rock climb more than 100 meters a strop from the side of the mountain slipped to the other side after the arrival of the hotel will provide breakfast and dinner, you can choose to eat at a restaurant, or you can choose to enjoy mountain breakfast on the roof terrace, of course you have to secure yourself…… The hotel also offers travel packages, and the guide will take you on a mountain trip. The hotel will provide breakfast and dinner. When the night comes, imagine how wonderful it is to lie in bed, top grade, a glass of red wine, 360 degrees, and enjoy the starry sky! When the evening comes, imagine lying in bed, a glass of red wine 360 degrees, enjoying the starry sky, what a wonderful experience! Snow mountain cable car Hotel – ask the Alps for good morning, from Airbnb to provide tourists with local people all over the world

用生命在开房 这样的酒店你敢住么?   导语:住在距离地面120米的地方,360度俯瞰四周美景究竟是一种什么样的体验?如今开房都要拿绳命去赌一把,行走在世界各地,从哪一张床上醒来预示着你将会有怎样的一天,那么住在这些地方玩得绝对是心跳!(来源:OnlyLady女人志) 关注公众号“ 有腔有调”,查看更多精彩原创内容!   自然天际酒店――在天堂悬崖间醒来   这座玩命酒店正是位于秘鲁风光秀丽的神圣山谷名叫自然天际,为何说是玩命那是因为它的三间胶囊型玻璃房建在了悬崖峭壁上,称为Skylodge Adventure Suites。仅仅通过绳索悬挂在半空,离地面高达120米,360度悬崖观景房不愧国外媒体称作世界最刺激的酒店。 Skylodge Adventure Suites   每个房间有7米长、2.4米宽,里面有4张床和1个小餐厅,上方的小天窗是紧急出口,全透明的房间可以容纳8个人同住。由于使用了特殊材料,客人无需担心恶劣的天气,这可是货真价实的空中酒店。当然酒店价格不菲,这样酷的房间想要住一晚,需要200英镑(约合1945元人民币)。 Skylodge Adventure Suites Skylodge Adventure Suites   别看房间不大,里面依然有着高档床具,为你提供舒适的睡眠环境。 Skylodge Adventure Suites   除了卧室外,每个房间内还带有一个环保洗手间,就是不知道在这里你能不能痛快地解决掉生理问题。。。。。。 Skylodge Adventure Suites   只是,尽管你胆大地能上天,想要住在这家酒店也不容易。你要么手脚并用沿着陡峭的岩壁爬100多米,要么就乘坐滑索从山的一边溜到另一边。 沿着陡峭的岩壁爬100多米 乘坐滑索从山的一边溜到另一边   入住后,酒店会提供早餐和晚餐,你可以选择在餐厅用餐,也可以选择在屋顶露台享受山景早餐,当然了你必须要将自己固定好。。。。。。酒店还提供相关的旅行套餐,向导会带你来一场登山旅行。 酒店会提供早餐和晚餐   夜晚降临时,想象一下躺在床上品一杯红酒360度欣赏着漫天的星空,该是多么美妙的体验啊! 夜晚降临时,想象一下躺在床上品一杯红酒360度欣赏着漫天的星空,该是多么美妙的体验啊!   雪山缆车旅馆――向阿尔卑斯山问早安   来自Airbnb为旅行者提供世界各地的当地之家,让大家体验环球旅居。这一次他们选择的是阿尔卑斯山的缆车。缆车悬在半山腰,四周是阿尔卑斯雪山环抱,简直就像在天空飞翔。 阿尔卑斯山缆车 阿尔卑斯山缆车 阿尔卑斯山缆车   缆车内风格简单大气又不失温馨,四周透明玻璃绝对让各色美景尽收眼底。 阿尔卑斯山缆车   房间内还为入住的客人准备好了红酒和贴心的棉拖鞋,光看就觉得温暖舒适。 阿尔卑斯山缆车 阿尔卑斯山缆车 贴心棉拖鞋   哥斯达黎加科斯塔韦尔德酒店――住在飞机上的快感   为了让你体验当机长的感觉,哥斯达黎加科斯塔韦尔德度假村将一架1965年生产的废旧波音727客机改装成了豪华酒店,整架飞机被安置在15米高的半空平台上。酒店坐落在热带雨林之中,面对着大海。 哥斯达黎加科斯塔韦尔德酒店   在飞机内设置了卧室、洗手间、厨房、餐厅和观景台,在这里住一晚需要花大约300英镑。 哥斯达黎加科斯塔韦尔德酒店   阿姆斯特丹Faralda Crane酒店――吊车上看朝阳落日   酒店被吊车吊在接近50米的高空,你可以一边泡澡马杀鸡一边看着窗外的海港,或者午后在云端喝杯下午茶。不时有在酒店预定了蹦极项目的客人从你眼前飞过,这家酒店入住需要583美元每晚,约合人民币3587元。 阿姆斯特丹Faralda Crane酒店 阿姆斯特丹Faralda Crane酒店   我此时只有一个想法,千万不要在高空中推错了门! 阿姆斯特丹Faralda Crane酒店 阿姆斯特丹Faralda Crane酒店   你可以坐在露台上吃早餐,看夕阳。 阿姆斯特丹Faralda Crane酒店 阿姆斯特丹Faralda Crane酒店   所以,胆肥儿的你们准备好出发了么?相关的主题文章:

Sanya remediation spring festival tourism market seafood Commission fined two hundred thousand 北京财经专修学院

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Sanya – the spring festival tourism market seafood restaurant to rebate was fined two hundred thousand Beijing, February 6 Sanya Xinhua (reporter Wang Xiaobin) 6, Sanya informed the recent tourism market rectification. One seafood Plaza will face a penalty of RMB two hundred thousand yuan for secretly giving taxi drivers a cash rebate. The notice said, in February 5, 2016, Sanya city Industrial and Commercial Bureau received Sanya City Public Security Bureau police detachment to tourism Sanya fishermen people suspected of commercial bribery cases seafood delicacy square. Verified, the seafood delicacy square in the business activities, the total consumption of 30% to 40% in the proportion of managers who give kickbacks to taxi driver (cash). As of the date of the incident, and seized the store business revenue totaled 58441 yuan, which give the driver cash rebate of 9500 yuan, according to the "People’s Republic of China Anti Unfair Competition Law" twenty-second, Sanya city Industrial and Commercial Bureau will make the decision of administrative punishment the maximum amount of a fine of two hundred thousand yuan RMB for the. According to the briefing, the consumer complaints reported, February 4th, Sanya city of industry and commerce, tourism, tourism police quality supervision, quality supervision departments in the seafood processing market in South Yingbin strong raids, seized on the spot market in the No. 19 and No. 20 stalls stall behavior in seafood sales Quejinduanliang has in the process of the tourism police detachment of police immediately 19 No. 20 and No. two stalls stall Weng Moumei (female, 42 years old, Sanya Ji Yang District) and Guan Moumei (female, 39 years old, Hainan Oriental) summoned back to the public security authorities investigation. Upon inquiry, Weng Mei and Mei Guan on sales of seafood Quejinshaoliang and confessed to the illegal, the public security organs to fraud on the Weng Mei and Mei Guan law administrative detention. It is understood that during the Spring Festival Golden Week, Sanya City District, the functional departments of all areas of 105 unannounced visits to the Group in-depth tourism market, carpet unannounced visits, at any time will issue submit and informed the organization for unannounced visits to carry out joint enforcement inspection. Every day during the holiday period, once a day, once every three days. (end) go into Sina Finance and economics stock

三亚整治春节旅游市场 海鲜店给回扣被罚二十万   中新网三亚2月6日电(记者王晓斌)6日,三亚通报了近期旅游市场整治情况。其中一海鲜广场因暗中给予出租车司机现金回扣,将面临罚款人民币二十万元的行政处罚。   通报中称,2016年2月5日,三亚市工商局收到三亚市公安局旅游警察支队移交的三亚渔民人家海鲜美食广场涉嫌商业贿赂案件。经查实,该海鲜美食广场在经营活动中,以消费总额30%―40%的比例,在帐外暗中给予出租车司机回扣(现金)。截止案发之日,查获该店营业收入共计58441元人民币, 其中给予司机现金回扣9500元人民币,依据《中华人民共和国反不正当竞争法》第二十二条,三亚市工商局将对其作出最高额度罚款人民币二十万元人民币的行 政处罚决定。   据通报,经消费者投诉举报,2月4日,三亚市工商、旅游警察、质监、旅游质监等部门在对位于迎宾路南强海鲜加工市场进行突击检查时,当场查获市 场内19号和20号摊位摊主在销售海鲜过程中有缺斤短两的行为,旅游警察支队民警立即将19号和20号摊位两名摊主翁某梅(女,42岁,三亚吉阳区人)和 关某梅(女,39岁,海南东方人)传唤回公安机关调查。经询问,翁某梅和关某梅对销售海鲜过程中动手脚缺斤少两的违法事实供认不讳,目前公安机关以诈骗对 翁某梅和关某梅依法处行政拘留。   据了解,春节黄金周期间,三亚市各区、各职能部门组成105个暗访小组深入旅游市场各个领域,展开地毯式暗访,随时将问题报送并进行通报,针对暗访问题组织开展联合执法检查。假日期间每天会通报一次,日常每三天通报一次。(完) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: