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By , November 16, 2017 4:55 pm

Spain Catalonia 800 thousand people marched to demand the independent Sohu news however, independent voices of people in the Catalonia area, for the two time since the end of last year after the election is still unable to form a government of Spain’s major political parties, there is no time for the. Catalonia has a population of 7 million 500 thousand, accounting for about 16% of the country’s total population, and its gross domestic product accounts for about 19% of Spain’s gdp. Compared with other countries in the euro area, the Spanish economy may be more prosperous; in the second quarter of 2016, the Spanish GDP grew more than Germany, France and Italy. However, the new government will be a year in Spain because of dystocia, ushered in the epoch-making third elections, while Spain has been suspended for nearly 8 months, the anarchy of the political impasse may inhibit economic growth. But London’s Political Risk Consultancy Teneo intelligence company (Teneo Intelligence) deputy director of research Antonio Barroso? (Antonio Barroso) said that the Spanish government for the third general election is still the most likely scenario (55% probability). The Spanish socialist party lacks a complete internal rebellion, or the ruling Nationalist Party (PP) party and the establishment of a new government to support the establishment of the Basque Nationalist Party failed to reach a consensus. Since the government of Spain in the two general election in December 2015 and June 2016 were elected parliament, Prime Minister Rajoy led the people’s party won the most seats, but not enough to separate cabinet. The current stalemate in the Spanish government has been deadlocked over August years, the four major political parties have been unable to form a unity of the ruling coalition. Spain faces political gridlock, and the problem of Catalonia’s independence movement continues. Barroso warned that Spain for the independence movement in rich areas of northern Spain has long been stuck in my throat, and the independence movement will continue. Barroso said the Catalonia authorities may be in favor of further measures to promote the progress of the independence movement, the Spanish law may be challenged. As a result, the conflict between Spain and the Catalonia authorities could intensify in the coming months. According to the results of the official poll released in July 22nd this year, about 47.7% of the people of Catalonia tend to independence, while the population of the people tend to stay in spain. Catalonia officials have said, regardless of whether the Madrid support will seek independence, the area government hopes to be alone with the Spanish government sincerely negotiations, and Madrid did not respond, forcing the Catalonia "no choice". This paper is an exclusive network of observers, the content of the article is purely personal views of the author, does not represent the platform point of view, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable. Watch the observer network WeChat guanchacn, daily reading interesting articles.相关的主题文章:

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