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By , November 17, 2017 12:23 am

Can use the bath solution, don’t eat and drink, sing K – Miss.6 Sohu tourism has always been in doubt, how to open between people? Some people say that when you stay naked, meet the time and honest people, certainly will not hide what. Is that really so? Winter is coming, I heard that the Russian people next door is such a bath! Photograph: China network neighbor said, no way, motionless on a dozen or even dozens of degrees below zero, but moved to the edge of the wood burning cauldron, while bath, ask my ass hot hot, you tube! Who knows who. The northern winter did not leave the Senate, full of cold pressing, is frozen in Trinidad, at any time the snowing days, not the Spa Sauna, don’t work ~! (yes, go to work…… Every day and death drama staged bedding ~) again, rumors of the European aristocracy, such as the Russian emperor Peter, Queen Victoria and other prominent British royal family, and Goethe and Maupassant the Chinese people have full of wit, in cold weather, the dense steam rising from the warmth. Mark · Twain watched the live spring nature blooming in the spa pool with outdoor water, beautiful scenery, and even a hot spring is nothing else in the whole world. Finland to challenge the limits of self breakthrough to Finland, if you are invited to take off their clothes, a light dark hut, a sweat, don’t refuse, or you may have missed a lifetime experience. Because, they invite you to go to the sauna! In Finland, the local people if you are invited to a sauna is for your courtesy. If you want to refuse it, also, but must find a convincing reason. The reason is to think about, because the Finn is so Sauna: you may still be a moment before a small room is heated to nearly 100 degrees, and the others relatively honest, sweating, but after a second naked jumped into the frozen lake, or even a roll in the snow. This repeated several times…… Finns can do, do you recognize counseling? Finland long cold winter, the Finns started from the sauna or baby, if not outsiders in the sauna and steam room once, can not understand Finland or Finland culture. Only in Finland, sauna and national culture are closely intertwined. Sauna (the word comes from a Finnish sauna). In the years when there was no hot water directly from the tap, the sauna was the most practical bathing place in the long winter. Whether it is a modern business in the field of electric heating sauna, or lakeside cottage next to the old wood burning sauna, sauna room in Finland will not be too far away from you. According to statistics, there are about about 3000000 sauna in Finland, for only 5 million 300 thousand of the population of Finland, which is equivalent to the average household has a sauna room. But the more love go to public sauna space, because it is the most important social places. They think it’s a love affair with everyone.相关的主题文章:

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