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By , April 15, 2018 12:28 pm

The Cairo Film Festival Chinese tribute film Jia Zhangke won the outstanding award in Cairo Film Festival, Cairo Film Festival jury Jia Zhangke Sina entertainment news as one of the 15 class a film festival in the world at the same time, Arabia is the largest movie activity this year, the thirty-eighth Cairo International Film Festival will be on the 24 day in the Egyptian capital Cairo held in November 15th, as Chinese special guest country, there will be various elements of film debut at the Arabia World Film Festival: a tribute film unit China; Jia Zhangke [micro-blog] was awarded the outstanding contribution award; Li Yu [micro-blog] as the jury judges etc.. This year is also the 60 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Egypt, the exchange activities were strongly supported by the Chinese Ministry of culture. The curtain of the 38 session of the Egyptian Cairo International Film Festival Film Festival, will be held to pay tribute to the Chinese film retrospective exhibition, showing 2015 years from 2001 to Chinese representative of the 15 works, including Jia Zhangke "the world", "old friends", Zhang Yimou as "hero", Diao Yinan "Li Yu" day fireworks. The "Guanyin Mountain", "peach sister" Xu Anhua and Johnny To, Stephen Chow, Lou Ye, Wang Xiaoshuai [micro-blog] [micro-blog] director works. Fei Mu, "the spring of the town", Shi Hui’s 1950 work, "my life" will be in the Chinese film classic unit showings. Director Jia Zhangke as invited guests, will be awarded the occupation career award for outstanding contribution, also won this award and the German director Christian Per Cold, he is a German independent film movement of the "Berlin school" is one of the representative figures, is also chairman of the Cairo International Film Festival jury. China director Li Yuzuo as judges, and the president of the jury, and the jury members from all over the world top film festival awards, just China released "one top ten thousand" will represent the China competition. During the festival, will be held on a China film seminar. The French "film guide" the former editor of Jean Michel book "China Fu East Film: a review Chinese Cinema:A retrospective" will be released in English and Arabic translations in Chinese film unit under the background. In addition, to celebrate the 400 anniversary of the birth of Shakespeare, his 1971 version of "Macbeth", Laurence Oliver directed the 1948 edition of "Hamlett", drama master Peter Brook 1971 version of "King Lear", Kurosawa "King Lear" according to the film adaptation of "chaos" and other classic works will also be in the film festival screenings. The film screenings in Cannes popular German film "Toni Edelman", Cannes Best Actress Award — Philippines director of the "Ma Rosa" Mendoza really Rosa "mother," but at the end of the world "Dolan 8 finalists next year’s best foreign language film Oscar, Hirokazu Kore Eda" Kusturica "," deeper than the sea milk on the road "Tokyo Film Festival opening film starring Streep, Meryl’s" days "will also be at the film festival screenings. (Liu Minwen)相关的主题文章:

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