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By , November 21, 2017 12:23 am

Cai Yingwen talk about cooperation   Hong Xiuzhu questioned: the one hand and hand knife how long – Taiwan channel — original title: Cai Yingwen talk about cooperation Hong Xiuzhu questioned: the one hand and hand knife how long the KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu. (source: Taiwan’s ETTV cloud) Chinese Taiwan network September 9th news according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, said Cai Yingwen 7, presided over the Democratic Progressive Party, will promote "cross party cooperation". In this regard, Hong Xiuzhu response, she is willing to believe that 100%, said Cai Yingwen, but she questioned, if one hand said to shake hands, and the other hand holding a knife against the other side of the throat, so I am afraid that cooperation can not be long. Hong Xiuzhu 8 evening on Facebook (Facebook) the author said, these days, the opposition and identity between the parties of the tear unabated, people and social solidarity, we really need in such a tear not into hatred before the termination of the opposition, stop in consumption. The question is, how can we build friendship and trust with less respect for each other? And how to cooperate? Hong Xiuzhu said that since the Kuomintang’s cross-strait policy Cai Yingwen is not strange, no matter what the substance of the Kuomintang’s policy, the DPP is always to "sell" the big hat and threw it to the Kuomintang head buckle, more directly through the "legislation", directly to the National Party of all property of presumed improper property, rude behavior so, have let the truth in the opposition away from us. "I would like to 100% believe that Cai Yingwen is looking beyond the parties to cooperate sincerity", Hong Xiuzhu said, but if a hand to shake hands, on the other hand is holding a knife at the other throat, such cooperation can not be afraid for a long time, this opposition, actually has let us see don’t tell the truth, only struggle. Hong Xiuzhu said, Cai Yingwen and myself were to become the first female leader in Taiwan, and one hundred years of the party’s first female leader, this is Taiwan worth a moment of glory, but we have the opportunity to lead the Taiwan an opportunity to change. Hong Xiuzhu pointed out that if Cai Yingwen really wants to seek cooperation, the best thing to do is based on mutual respect, mutual cooperation to find the historical truth and eliminate hatred, end friction and confrontation, "I would like to believe that this is possible, do you? (Taiwan China network Zhu Lian "(Wang Ying) (Intern), commissioning editor: Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章:

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