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Travel to buy fake goods can travel to the travel agency claims, tour guides arranged into the shop, travel agencies or will receive a maximum of 300 thousand yuan fine. Yesterday, at the twenty-eighth meeting of the four standing committee of the people’s Congress of the city, the Chongqing tourism regulations (Revised Draft) entered into group deliberations. Two reviewers clearly, online business travel products online shop need business license, prohibit the tour guide forced or disguised forced tourists into the shop shopping. According to the agenda, the Ordinance will be voted at the third plenary session tomorrow (Thursday). According to the introduction, in recent years, through the network to buy tourism products become the first choice of many people, but there are also many risks. Two reviewers clearly, network operators should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the country and the city, to provide tourists with business address, contact, security precautions and risk prompts and complaints channels and other information. Travel agencies to open shop, to inform the county authorities (Autonomous County) tourism authorities. At the same time, through the network operation package tour, agent sales package travel products and other travel agency business, should be in accordance with the law to obtain travel agency business license, and in the website home page prominently marked business operation permit information. The tour group travel agency to arrange shopping, lured tourists, tour guides and tourist consumer disputes and other events emerge in an endless stream of the phenomenon, the two reviewers clear, travel agencies not to organize tours unreasonably low prices to entice tourists, and by arranging shopping surcharge tourism projects get kickbacks and other improper benefits. In the written contract, if the shopping place and the project at its own expense are agreed, it should be clearly stated. Tourists in the travel agency agreed shopping places to buy fakes, how to do? According to the new amendment of two reviewers, tourists can ask the travel agency to refund or replace the goods or advance damages. After compensation, the travel agency has the right to recover from the tour commodity operator. The second draft is also clear, tour guides and other tourism practitioners, not to deceive or mislead tourists, may force, coercion or induce tourists to buy goods, beatings, abuse or insult tourists, or by the upper law, the travel agency will be fined up to 300 thousand yuan fine. If the circumstances are serious, the business license and tour guide certificate of the travel agency will be revoked. In view of the phenomenon that the content and standard of the service between the travel agency and the contract are not consistent with the contract, two reviewers clearly confirm that the travel agency has entrusted the travel contract to other travel agencies, and the applicant has written consent, otherwise, the prepaid expenses will be refunded. In case of loss, compensation shall be made in accordance with the contract. In view of the phenomenon of tourist disturbances, two reviewers show that the city has implemented the management system of tourism service bad information and tourists uncivilized behavior records. In the process of tourism, tourists will violate the laws, regulations and public order and good customs and other bad behavior, will be included in the record of uncivilized behavior and open to the public.

旅游买到假货可以向旅行社索赔  导游安排进店购物,旅行社或将受到最高30万元罚款。昨日,在市四届人大常委会第二十八次会议上,《重庆市旅游条例(修订草案)》进入分组审议。   二审稿明确,网上经营旅游产品的网店需要经营许可,禁止导游强迫或者变相强迫旅游者进店购物。按议程,该条例明日(本周四)第三次全体会议进行表决。  据介绍,近年通过网络购买旅游产品成为不少人首选,但是也存在不少风险。二审稿明确,网络旅游经营者应按照国家和本市有关规定,向旅游者提供经营地址、联系方式、安全注意事项和风险提示及投诉受理渠道等信息。旅行社开网店的,要书面告知所在区县(自治县)旅游主管部门。  同时,通过网络经营包价旅游、代理销售包价旅游产品等旅行社业务的,应当依法取得旅行社业务经营许可,并在网站主页显著位置标明业务经营许可证信息。  针对组团旅游中旅行社安排购物、诱骗旅游者消费、导游与旅游者产生纠纷等事件层出不穷的现象,二审稿明确,旅行社不得以不合理低价组织旅游活动,诱骗旅游者,并通过安排购物、另行付费旅游项目获取回扣等不正当利益。书面合同中如果约定购物场所和自费项目,应该显著明示。  旅游者在与旅行社约定的购物场所买到假货,怎么办?按二审稿新修改的规定,旅游者可以要求旅行社负责退(换)商品或者先行赔偿。旅行社赔偿后,有权向旅游商品经营者追偿。  二审稿还明确,导游等旅游从业人员,不得欺骗或者误导旅游者,不得强迫、变相强迫或者诱导旅游者购买物品,殴打、谩骂或侮辱旅游者,否则按上位法规定,旅行社将被处以最高30万元罚款。情节严重的,将吊销旅行社业务经营许可证和导游证等。  针对旅游社之间转团导致服务内容及标准与合同不符等现象,二审稿明确,旅行社将已经订立的旅游合同委托给其他旅行社履行的,应征得旅游者书面同意,否则,退还预付费用。造成损失的,按合同予以赔偿。  针对游客闹事等现象,二审稿表示,本市实行旅游经营服务不良信息、旅游者不文明行为记录管理制度。旅游者在旅游过程中违反法律、法规及公序良俗等不良行为,将纳入不文明行为记录并向社会公开。相关的主题文章:

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