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By , September 15, 2018 5:35 pm

Automobiles The leader of .mercial vehicles, M&M has also been producing passenger cars and has plans of producing electric cars as well. Thats the reason why General Motors separated from Reva, Bangalore-based .pany which is a global leader in electric car manufacture. Back in 1945 M&M stood for Mahindra and Mohammed. This man, Mohammed, post Indian independence returned to Pakistan and became the defence minister of the newly formed nation. After that, in 1948, M&M changed its name to Mahindra and Mahindra. With over 65 years in the automobile industry, this car maker has contributed a lot to the Indian marketplace. Its time we had a look at the Mahindra cars plying on the roads today. The Logan model was Mahindras first passenger car. The car was the result of the Mahindra-Renault joint venture. The price of this car was economical. The design too looked just perfect for the Indian roads with features well .plimenting the looks. The car has ample space and can swallow in an entire big fat Indian family. Unfortunately, the very same big fat Indian family consider the Logan to be fit only as a taxi. The car has been very diligently been offering services for airport transfers and other .mercial movements. Very few individuals have bought it as a family car. The reason for the decline in sales can be attributed to the cars big size. Renault has now left Mahindra to fight out the battle all alone in the Indian car industry. However, Mahindra has not decided to not give up. Speculation says that the car maker may .e up with a reduced version of the Logan. If size is the problem, looks like Mahindra has found a solution. The 4.2-metre long body will be cut down to around 4 metre. The car may then see better sales figures. Also to be noted, Mahindra is not alone. Very recently Mahindra and Reva proclaimed I Do and it looks like the two car .panies will stay by each other in happiness and trouble, in health and sickness and so on. The partnership will let the two auto makers produce a higher number of highly efficient cars. The two will also be exchanging best practices and thereby growing in experience and knowledge. While Mahindra will gain expertise in the area of electric and small vehicle production, Reva will gain a lot from Mahindras experience. Mahindras dominance in the SUV segment needs no mention. It is leader in the segment with big cars like Mahindra Bolero in its portfolio. This car is known for its muscular profile and excellent mileage. The Mahindra Scorpio is another car which is the darling of many Indian. Its sophisticated looks make it a favourite even among the classy classes. If thats not enough, there are revamped versions of these two monster cars, the Bolero Camper, Bolero Pik-Up and the Scorpio Getaway. Then there is the stylish and sporty Mahindra Xylo and other trucks like the Maxx too in the car makers inventory. If thats still not enough, Mahindra is also looking at bringing in the Ingenio. Its long since the car maker had plans of bringing in the model. As of now, the thought has been put on hold. But, we can expect the Ingenio some time later. If it .es in, it will be pitted against the Toyota Innova, the Chevy Tavera and its likes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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