Business fan female star married only these 4 kinds of rich ending, the reality is better than TV dr zhuxianduowan

By , November 19, 2017 1:04 am

Business scope: female star Regal marry only the 4 ending, the reality is better than the TV drama wonderful Fanzhu recently had a doubt: female star married to get together? These two days to brush the news, first of all, Zhang Yuqi suddenly married again in the next second days (10.27), also announced that Xiong Dailin married. Of course, the groom is not Aaron Kwok but Kenix Kwok’s Brother Guo song. Blue ~ ~ eat melon masses found in common two female stars: "marry wealthy". Zhang Yuqi’s new husband Yuan Bayuan, network transmission is Dr. Fudan University, CFA, has many years of experience in securities, fund, known as the "one billion small". But later confirmed that the man and the former had a child, and said he was graduated from secondary school, nor a net worth of one billion; the company is only to be on the new board, may not be as rich, Baoqiang Wang, _); and Xiong Dailin’s husband Guo song is the director of five companies, in addition to take care of family accidents, have their own foreign trade company, is also worth billions of people. Then a little divergence in retrospect, we can find that in the entertainment circle, female star married businessman is a very standard configuration, but is not the perfect married businessman Happy Ending One finished, all is finished., life will continue, so the day after married businessman, generally divided into several categories: 1. A feather Gouxue category that relatively hard, some tear forced divorce war, some luxury giants are not empty, to eat melon masses Tim countless talk at leisure. Huang Yi Huang Yi this year, the sense of existence and the former prime minister who was forced to brush the war brush. First in September 2009, and Huang Yizai met 41 days hedge fund manager Jiang Kai licensing of marriage, also took a high-profile wedding around the world. The results of just three months from the divorce rumors, after 1 years really away…… There are many reasons for divorce, and some say that because of the derailment, and some say that because the work environment can not be reconciled, there are said to be because Jiang Kai investment failure. And two people tore thoroughly, are still not forget to continue to divorce black. Huang Yi Huang Yiqing second more bloody, divorce rob children tear forced wars lasted for a long time, the wave of headlines. It is also derailed, domestic violence, and Tibetan children, is also looking for water dirty water. TV show did not divorce their real tear force show wonderful. The Li Xiang and Wang Shiling’s father Wang Yuelun together before, Li Xiang still has a idea of the "giants" marriage. At that time (2004) ex husband Li Houlin "Diamond tycoon" title, they were both held a grand wedding, married, but also a variety of high-profile show of affection. But then Li Houlin came good times don’t last long, beating Li Xiang rumors, Li Xiang also responded to stand out: "my husband is a very human face, we heard the rumors after all call him, mother ah, husband’s brother ah, asked whether he really hit me, in fact, her husband really wrong." But in November 2006, Li Xiang confirmed that they had been divorced by blog. And Li Houlin did not look so rich, after marriage also want to borrow money to maintain the public Li Xiang相关的主题文章:

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