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By , April 17, 2018 8:54 am

Bug bite a piece of rotten belly skin to an aunt in Zhangzhou long after an insect bite, festering wound abdomen was a bug bite, less than half a month time, the red dot initially humble was expanding, a large bad stomach ulcer, wound up to 13 cm in diameter, eventually do the skin graft surgery. Aunt Hong from Zhangpu went through the bad news! What the hell is this, so deadly? Event: the insect bite belly fester Hong 52 year old aunt, the night of August 3rd this year, when she was sleeping, the left side of the abdomen of unknown insect bite. The second day, Hong aunt found a small red belly point, a little pain, but also a little itching. At first, aunt Hong thought it was an ordinary mosquito bites, to the local clinic to take ointment smear. However, no itching to eliminate red spots surrounding skin was hung aunt scratched, even more frightening is that the wound every day was over 1 cm in diameter, the speed to fester, and the wound is more and more big, accompanied by bleeding, wound exudate, continues to spread. Zhangpu Hospital and Zhangzhou Hospital Hong aunt has to interrogation, are coated with ointment, but is not effective. In August 16th, Hong aunt to Zhangzhou Third Hospital Department of general surgery, abdominal wound fester diameter reached 13 cm, diagnosed as "left abdominal wall skin ulcer, suggested Hong aunt hospital immediately for treatment. Zhangzhou City, the Third Hospital Department of general surgery director Qiu Hui recalled, during hospitalization, they immediately to Hong aunt has necrosis of the skin was excised, skin grafting. More than 2 months after the flood, aunt finally wound scab, recently discharged. Note: it is best to leave the body so poisonous insect bites, what is so poisonous insects? Director Qiu Hui said, because the patient did not leave the insect bite samples, they is still unable to determine exactly what kind of insect bite patients, "we resection of necrotic skin pathological tests, can only be sure this is a fat soluble toxin caused, but can not determine what kind of insect bites, like poisonous mosquito bites after mutation, tsutsugamushi may cause skin ulceration". Director Qiu Hui introduced that the summer is the insect breeding season, some insects have saliva hemolytic toxin, some neurogenic toxin, and the fat soluble toxins, like Hong aunt, is a fat soluble toxins, namely insects containing toxins will dissolve fat, fat layer lead to ulceration. Qiu Hui suggested that if people were mosquito bites, best can leave the insect body, which is convenient for the doctor to understand the patient’s condition, symptomatic treatment. At the same time, as soon as possible with fresh water wash the bite site; such as living water flushing is invalid, using vinegar or iodophor rinse; if invalid, have to hurry to the hospital for treatment. (Strait Herald (micro-blog) >);相关的主题文章:

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