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By , July 24, 2018 8:59 am

Business NEMA-rated enclosures are often preferred by electronic designers to assure protection of the components and wiring inside. A specific NEMA rating will be specified to correspond with their applications environmental conditions. Regardless of the specific rating, the choice of NEMA box designs in the past has been limited to those made from metal or plastic materials that are totally opaque. This has significant ramifications for maintenance operations. Generally, maintenance personnel must open an electronic enclosure periodically to read indicators or dials, or perform a visual inspection to verify the integrity of the door seal, wiring, and electrical components. Now its possible to minimize the need to open an enclosure for routine maintenance. Bud Industries, Inc . is making this possible with the first totally transparent NEMA-rated enclosures. The new BT Series addition to its line of environmentally sealed enclosures will help reduce routine maintenance costs and potential inspection problems. Because maintenance personnel can see inside BT Series boxes from every direction, they can inspect for moisture and read indicators without opening the seal. This results in more reliable environmental protection of internal components and wiring. Bud BT Series electronic enclosures are made of a transparent plastic with a distinctive blue tint and meet NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4X, 12, and 13 specifications. They also conform to IEC52/IP65 and UL508-4X requirements. Because the full range of NEMA ratings is available, designers do not have to compromise on their electronics enclosure choice. For example, they wont have to choose a NEMA 4 enclosure if a NEMA 12 rating is adequate, and can thereby better control manufacturing cost. For high durability, the BT Series are made of polycarbonate plastic that is UV-stabilized and carries a UL94-V2 flammability rating. Suitable for wet, dry and corrosive environments, these NEMA boxes are ideal for use as junction boxes, printed circuit board (PCB) enclosures, instrumentation protection, and other applications that require monitoring of internal components. Unlike other NEMA boxes, the see-through design eliminates the need to remove the cover and risk damaging a silicon-gasket cover seal. Wide Choice of Sizes and Options. The new BT Series transparent NEMA-rated enclosures are available in seven sizes ranging from 4.53-in. x 3.54-in. x 2.17-in. to 11.81-in. x 9.06-in. x 3.39-in. Wall mounting holes and cover attaching screws are outside the sealing area, thus preventing ingress of moisture and dust. Most models have internal guide slots for mounting PCB assemblies vertically. Internal bosses allow mounting of PCBs horizontally or for connection of terminals into threaded brass inserts. In addition, Bud is more willing that many suppliers to customize its NEMA-rated enclosures in reasonable quantities, including custom hole cuts and gaskets. Same Day Shipment. Bud BT Series transparent NEMA-rated enclosures are in stock and available for same-day shipment starting. Contact the factory for custom modification specifications and pricing. The manufacturers suggested retail pricing starts at $19.15 when ordered in quantity of 300 pieces. BT Series products are priced, sold, and packaged in a quantity of one. More Information. To request a free catalog or additional information on Bud Industries products, visit, .budind../request_catalog.shtml . Purchasing and specification assistance is available by contacting our Sales Department at 440-946-3200, by FAX at 440-951-4015, by email at [email protected] , or by visiting the Bud Website . About the Author: Blair Haas is president of Bud Industries, Inc., the countrys best-known manufacturer of electronic enclosures. He has been with Bud Industries for over 35 years with extensive knowledge of both the enclosure and electronics industry. He has served on the Board of the Electronic Industries Association, has chaired the Electronic .ponents Association, is the founder and chair of the Electronic Distribution Industry Council and is a past chair of the Electronic Distribution Show Board. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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