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Bridge water foundation founder: we are facing unprecedented change in twenty years Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: the new fortune magazine, the world’s largest hedge fund founder (Bridgewater) founder Ray Dalio in October 5th, the fortieth annual meeting of the central bank held a speech. In front of the world’s central bankers, he elaborated on the fame of the macroeconomic framework to explain the existence of long-term debt cycle and the central bank’s limit. In his speech, he believes that most countries are close to the double limit of debt and the central bank, which is a global problem, Japan’s closest, followed by Europe, followed by the United States, followed by china. Although he does not think the crisis will happen immediately, but he predicted that financial repression will be strengthened. The central bank will be forced to buy higher risk assets, while gold and other asset attractiveness will rise. Dalio, known for its research history, believes that the most similar to the current is the 1935-1945 of the United States and Japan in the past 20 years. The following is the full text of speech: Ray Dalio and me to make a speech in front of the central bank is so large and respected scholars, and in the central bank so interesting at the moment, it is both honored and special opportunity. I especially want to thank the New York Fed President Dudley and vice president Schetzel’s invitation, let me be with you to share my perspective as investors, as well as my personal understanding of non conventional framework, I believe that we are facing for unconventional situation can help. Now the following passage is no longer controversial: This is not a normal business cycle, we could be at an extraordinary slow growth environment; the current monetary policy tools will be increasingly ineffective; the downside risk is particularly large; future investment income will be very low, and people (especially for low-income) economic stagnation will bring unbearable danger and populist nationalism; although these aspects have been widely recognized, but for why this will happen, and how to deal with the still controversial. In spite of many factors, I believe that the most important thing can still be understood in the framework of my global macro investment philosophy. I think the economy is the sum of countless markets, and to understand how the economy works, we need to see who is buying and selling goods, services and financial assets, and why. This is very important for us to understand the market price and trading volume. We try to get into the main perspectives of the buyer and the seller to understand their decisions and reason, to predict they will do. By analyzing the major buyers to predict how much money and credit they will be looking at, the main seller is expected to predict the amount of money they will sell, but we use the total amount to remove the total quantity to get the price. By looking at these deals from the bottom up to the top, we believe that this is the three driving force behind the economy相关的主题文章:

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