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Just last year, as reported in The Economist, 26 women led as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, which is up from zero in 1995. Even so, female CEOs still make up only 5% of all Fortune 500 CEOs. However, according to a research by Zenger and Folkman published in Harvard Business Review, the women were rated higher than the men in many key leadership areas at every management level. Interestingly, the data also showed that the higher the management level, the wider the gap between the male and female mean scores. And at the same time, there was a bigger proportion of men in higher management levels. Not only were women judged to be superior in areas where women are traditionally thought to excel, such as developing others and building relationships, their ratings were significantly higher on 12 of the 16 traits Zenger and Folkman had identified over more than 30 years of research as most important to overall leadership effectiveness. In different research by Pew Research Center, which conducts surveys on women and leadership, there are no perceived major differences between men and women on key business leadership qualities. Apparent gaps lie in women having a clear advantage over men in honesty and ethics, providing fair pay and benefits, and offering mentorship to young employees. Men, however, are perceived to have an edge when it comes to being willing to take risks and negotiating profitable deals. Most people surveyed find women indistinguishable from men in other key leadership traits such as intelligence and capacity for innovation, with many inclining towards women being stronger than men in terms of being compassionate and organised leaders. At Brand Incorporated (Brand Inc.) – a regional independent Public Relations agency with offices in Singapore and Malaysia, which comprises an all-women team – motivation and inspiration are drawn from fellow female team members as they celebrate and share both unity and diversity this International Womens Day. From Elaine Seah, The Scrutiniser: 1. What does it feel like to work in an all-women team? It is possibly the most rewarding challenge second to raising a child. As a leader, I must know how to appropriately praise, motivate, inspire and cajole at the same time. Not an easy task but I believe in girl power. 2. What inspiration do you draw from your team members? My PR warriors come from different background and upbringing, and we bring to the drawing board different perspectives. Nothing can be more inspiring than to see bright minds challenge old practices to take the whole PR game up a notch. From Michelle Tan, The Right-hand Woman: 1. What does it feel like to work in an all-women team? Empowering and inspiring. Women can be just as accomplished as men, and we appreciate and support each other better as well. Sometimes, working on a project may be intense with an all-women team, but I realise that women are generally more meticulous with their work and they focus more on the small details: This makes the accomplishments gained as a team more rewarding. 2. What inspiration do you draw from your team members? The ability to work towards the same goal as a team despite being very different individuals ourselves. Our team is made up of mothers, daughters and partners from different cultures and backgrounds, and this allows each of us to bring something unique to the table when we work. From Olivia Lee, The Zumba Advocate: 1. What does it feel like to work in an all-women team? As every lady has a different personality, these differences have to be respected and taken into consideration. Showing care and paying attention to detail are vital to manage the dichotomies and challenges of a collaborative yet independent environment. 2. What inspiration do you draw from your team members? Power in an all-women team can take on many forms and my co-workers have shown me how it doesnt only just manifest physically. Emotional strength, resilience and determination are the soft powers that I see in them. From Olivia Ng, The Self-Confessed Oddball: 1. What does it feel like to work in an all-women team? Its like the grown up version of Powerpuff Girls fighting Mojo Jojo every single day all by ourselves. And we love it. We take pride in it. Even if Mojo Jojo is just a fused light bulb in the office, well gladly deal with it ourselves. Girl power! 2. What inspiration do you draw from your team members? Independence and resilience are important individual strengths, but looking out for each other is also a must. When one smiles, then everybody can smile along too! From Zenn Yap, The Tattoo Lover: 1. What does it feel like to work in an all-women team? Everyone cares, encourages and helps one another. It is fun working in an all- female environment. With females, you will find good listeners as we share the problems we face in work and life. 2. What inspiration do you draw from your team members? All are highly independent, smart and hardworking. What you have been hearing about the millenniels is far from the truth, at least in Brand Inc. From Yashmi, The Skittish Intern: 1. What does it feel like to work in an all-women team? It feels like a sisterhood. We have lunch together almost every day and I love the rapport we have built from the light hearted moments we have shared. 2. What inspiration do you draw from your team members? I am inspired by the working mothers who find the strength to juggle work while raising their families! 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