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Llumina Press Launches Corporate Rebranding By: PRP | Feb 15th 2016 – Llumina Press, a premier self-publishing .pany, announced that it is rebranding. The rebrand is the positive out.e of the .pany’s increasing recognition in the USA and around the world as they continue to build on Llumina’s unparalleled dedication to providing authors with the highest quality in publishing services Tags: Corporate rebranding, deborah greenspan, llumina press, new logo design, Rebranding Maloneeditorial..: Lessons From The Traditional Publishing Model"�"the Book, The Book, The Book! By: Susan Mary Malone | Oct 25th 2014 – Traditional publishing is in the toilet. Big news flash, right? But what can book authors learn from big publishers"�� successes and failures? A lot. So let"��s dive in and today talk about the thing new writers are missing all over the place"�"putting the product, the book, first. Tags: Maloneeditorial..: Book-writing Goals By: Susan Mary Malone | Aug 25th 2014 – Writers ask me this literally all the time. Especially when trying to find their sea legs, novel writers worry whether they"��re writing enough. Often enough. Volume enough. Wanting to keep up with the Kings and the Pattersons. Tags: Maloneeditorial..:structure And The Novel–building To The Finish By: Susan Mary Malone | Apr 25th 2014 – Okay, so you"��ve done your book development and set up your novel well, established conflicts and turning points and twists. You"��ve created allies and villains and tests. You"��ve successfully navigated through the first two acts, avoiding those dreaded sagging middles"��. And now, we build to the end. Tags: Maloneeditorial..: Should Your Book Editor Be An Author? By: Susan Mary Malone | Mar 13th 2014 – Do book editors have to be authors themselves to successfully edit? It depends upon what sort of editing we"��re talking about. For copyeditors and proofers, no, although it often helps with idioms and the like. Tags: Maximize Publishing Revenue With Epub3 Conversion By: Abraham Beame | Sep 7th 2013 – Publishers can maximize their publishing revenue by making the most of ePub3 conversion techniques. This .paratively new file format is opening up avenues hitherto not present. Experimenting with different eBook .ponents helps you to reach a wider reader base through ePub3 conversion. Tags: Things That Make The Best Dystopian Novels .pelling By: Steve Smith | Aug 18th 2013 – tories grab readers for so many reasons. And normally, they do not fit any sort of mold. Here are some of the things which .pel readers to get involved in a book and make the best dystopian novels .pelling and not to put it down. Tags: Don’t Let The Well Run Dry: Content Strategy And Your Blog By: davis | Apr 30th 2013 – Setting up and sticking to a content strategy is difficult "�" not just because of the work you have to put in to establish on the front end "�" but the work that goes into maintaining it. Sticking to your guns and writing posts can slip off of your "��to do"�� list"�� and not reappear for weeks (or months). Use these tips … Tags: Self-publishing Done Right By: Jeff | Feb 20th 2013 – There"��s no doubt about it"�"the future will be self-published! Savvy writers are taking their careers by the reins and soaring to new heights of success. But how can you make your own work stand out in a crowded market? The key is a skilled book developer. Tags: Maloneeditorial..: Writing Vs. Real Life By: Susan Mary Malone | Oct 27th 2012 – My writers often bemoan the fact that real life gets in the way of their creative endeavors. And this is true for us all. We are besieged at times by all of those things that can put the kibosh on our creativity and seem to drain our writing souls to the very core. Tags: Maloneeditorial..: Structure And The Novel–those Dreaded Sagging Middles By: Susan Mary Malone | Sep 27th 2012 – We"��ve discussed a good bit about novel"��s structure, focusing so far on writing a bang-up opening line, the first fifty pages, and getting through Act One. If you"��ve set those up well, then segueing into the middle section proves much easier. Tags: Reseller Web Harvesting Web Services That Works By: Roze Tailer | Jun 1st 2012 – Information in electronic form or online e-Publishing is the process to see. Such information for electronic books or eBooks ", CD-ROM or via the Internet is disseminated. Tags: Web Harvesting Services Is Most Popular Services By: Roze Tailer | Apr 5th 2012 – Information in electronic form or online e-Publishing is the process to be seen. Of electronic books or eBooks, by using the CD-ROM or via the Internet is such notice. Tags: Mofuse : Create Mobile Website By: Sonu Parashar | Nov 21st 2011 – Mobile or WAP web address as they are frequently called are mini web address that have been organized to in shape the smaller screens of cell phones since standard sites created for PC’s cannot for all time be seen correctly on mobile phones and related devices. Tags: Creating A Modern Awesome Wedding Album By: Robert London | Nov 22nd 2010 – Wedding albums have .e a long way since your Mother created hers, I will explain all the different options that are available today, from doing it yourself or working with your Wedding Photographer. I will talk about starting with a teaser album, so you have a feel of the final album and the different options and experien … Tags: Online Marketing Tactics By: manipadisetti | Nov 16th 2010 – This online marketing video allows you to make a professional video that allows the customer to understand what you are selling. They can easily understand how to trust you with the help of images. Customer wills accept the message very easily without any delay. The new product launch and the discounts they offer. If they o … Tags: How To Write Self-help E-books By: Ranju Kumar | May 25th 2009 – Writing self-help is a very delicate matter and .posed of a wide selection of subjects. Everyone wants to be motivated and inspired. Reading self-help books can help you feel happier and excited about life. Tags: 相关的主题文章:

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