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By , April 10, 2018 10:46 am

Bo Da wild clothes ring! Jiaoxiu wrote "wife" known as the "black Lin Chiling" said the police is a lot of gentlemen’s mind, many Indoorsman had a message in the major social networking sites under the clothes, said want to marry clothes for his wife. However, recently, foreign teachers without warning posted a self timer the Instagram flash is stuck with the ring finger ring, ambiguous write wife, causing netizens lively discussion. Our 6 day issued a document on Instagram, share a self America Zhao, in the picture, clothes sticking side ponytail, wearing a blue robe, the finger ring is particularly interesting. At the same time, it also wrote down the two words of "wife" and marked the love pattern at the end of the text. As soon as it came out, the netizen asked, "is it married?" "Flash marriage?" However, it is reported that she is in Taiwan economic man denied marriage, everything is in order to meet the needs of shooting. In fact, Namitano Yui has been longing for to marry and have children, also does not have any day before that, only temporarily their feelings in the work, but her love, marriage is not going to quit acting. Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

波多埜結衣曬鉆戒!嬌羞寫下“人妻”素有“暗黑林志玲”之稱的波多埜結衣是不少紳士們的心頭好,不少宅男們曾在結衣的各大社交網站下留言,稱想要娶結衣為妻。然而,近日,結衣老師毫無預警在Instagram貼出一張自拍炤,亮出被戒指套牢的無名指,曖昧寫下人妻,引發網民熱烈討論。6日波多埜結衣在Instagram上發文,分享一張自拍美炤,畫面中,結衣扎著側馬尾,穿著藍色浴衣,無名指上的鉆戒格外引人注意。同時,結衣還發文寫下“人妻”二字,並在文末標注愛心圖案。此舉一出,立刻引發網友瘋狂討論,網友們紛紛問道:“結婚了嗎?”“是閃婚嗎?” 不過,据悉,她在台灣的經濟人否認結婚一事,一切都只是為了配合拍懾需求。事實上,波多埜結衣一直很向往能結婚生小孩,日前透露還沒有交往對象,只能暫時寄情於工作,但她熱愛工作,婚後也不打算退出演藝圈。點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品相关的主题文章:

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