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By , July 25, 2018 6:52 am

Strategic-Planning Im reading an interesting book titled How Toyota Became Number One Leadership Lessons From the Worlds Greatest Car .pany by David Magee. It discusses the Toyota strategy process in detail from their first introduction into the United Sates until the present time. It also talks about how their strategic thinking and customer understanding differs from the U.S car .panies. It points out that Toyota isnt perfect and have made some market and strategy mistakes, but they recognized them quickly and corrected them just as quickly. There are several major differences between domestic manufactures and even the other Japanese manufacturers and Toyota, but they all start with better strategic planning. Toyota develops strategies based on recognizing what the customer needs and wants, and then executes to that strategy. How do they know what the customer wants? They ask them. They dont guess and build large quantities of what they think will sell and push the units into the dealer network they study the customer. The book talks about the development of the Lexus brand in the U.S. Toyota sent a team to Laguna Beach, CA in 1985 to live a life of luxury and study the habits of luxury car buyers. They learned what the customer wanted and the shortfalls of the other luxury cars on the market. The result is Lexus, the largest luxury car brand in the United States selling over 300,000 cars per year. Toyotas strategy isnt to be the number one car .pany in sales, it is to build the best car on the market and give the customer more value than he or she pays for. They believe that holding to this strategy and keeping a long-term focus rather than short-term results will drive sales. The book talks about how Detroit automakers rode the SUV wave throughout the last decade. They were the highest margin cars ever built and they built them bigger and bigger up to and including the Excursion, the Suburban and the Hummer. Toyota offer SUVs as well in the Highlander and the Land Cruiser, they didnt go after the SUV market in a big way. They instead spent nearly $1 billion on development of the hybrid Prius. GM put nearly as much money into development of the Hummer Because SUVs were the current fad and they were very profitable. One doesnt have to look hard to see which .pany planned for the future and which one went for short-term profits. The messages I got from reading this book .plemented nicely with what I had written in my book, Bottom Line focus. 1.Understand your customers needs and wants. 2.Deliver value. 3.Develop a strategy that drives your vision 4.Execute to that strategy. This isnt intended to be a .mercial for Toyota cars and trucks, its a roadmap for long-term viability and profitability from a .pany that seems to have done it right. There are other examples of excellent quality, customer service and best value for the customers money you just have to look for them. I will say they are more rare than .panies that dont have a clear vision, and strong execution. Better strategic planning and vision provides better bottom line results because the best marketing strategy is word-of-mouth from loyal customers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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