Beijing – VIDEO – drugstore is Zuozhen illegal practice Gansu illegal pharmacies

By , November 19, 2017 1:07 am

Beijing – VIDEO – "drugstore is Zuozhen" illegal practice Gansu illegal drugstore drugstore Zuozhen "is illegal practice Gansu illegal pharmacies [comment] more and more hospitals in the sight of the public, there are more and more people love in the pharmacy consultation own condition to an antidote against the disease. But you know, there may be illegal medicine pharmacy zuozhen. Recently, the Gansu provincial health and Family Planning Commission, the Provincial Department of public security and other 7 departments of the Provincial Department of public security, the Gansu City, the number of pharmacies and other institutions in the illegal practice of the investigation of the. And the scene of the two pharmacies issued a law enforcement documents, and ordered to stop all activities. The field of law enforcement, 6 man for a patient, the prescription of Chinese medicine pulse. See law enforcement officers and reporters from taking pictures, be ablaze with anger when law enforcement officers, asked the man to show the "doctor qualification certificate" and physicians practicing certificate of registration, the man was unable to provide physicians practicing certificate of registration. In accordance with the relevant provisions, without a doctor registration certificate, shall not engage in medical practice. The qualification certificate, certificate of registration, place of practice, scope of practice, category of practice are indispensable. [] over the deputy director of Comprehensive Supervision Bureau of Gansu Province Planning Commission Wang Wenjun (it is illegal) medical institutions outside the scope of the license to carry out medical activities, it contains a non physician practice beyond the scope of practice, practice, and carry out medical activities without obtaining a license to practice medical institutions under the condition of such situations. Our Gansu province of Gansu province has provided practitioners we can carry out practice visits in pharmacies, but the premise is must go to the pharmacy for medical institution, but western medicine is strictly prohibited to carry out practice visits, this is the national unified requirements. [comment] there is a pharmacy physicians see law enforcement officers, quickly fled, leaving the patient is auscultation puzzled, do not know the pharmacy physicians belong to the illegal practice. The Lanzhou Municipal Planning Commission comprehensive supervision commissioner said that this activity is to deter illegal practice, many people do not know the pharmacy is prohibited in western medicine practice visits, advised the public to choose legal medical institutions qualified to go to a doctor. [] the same period in Gansu province Lanzhou City Planning Commission comprehensive supervision department director Chen Jun to a deterrent to illegal medical practice, to further protect our people health security and safeguard the rights and interests of citizens. The majority of the public medical care or to choose, have legal qualifications of medical institutions to medical treatment, medical institutions by the health administrative department of planning approval will put the practice license of medical institution hanging in the obvious places, so we can see the mechanism of legality. Li Yalong Gansu Lanzhou相关的主题文章:

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