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By , November 16, 2017 4:53 pm

Beijing thorough investigation of primary and secondary schools to do "class", "entrance point" – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Liang Tianyun) in November 11, aiming at the problem of part of primary and secondary schools, educational institutions and school educational institutions paid extra lessons, illegal hold "class", the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing municipal the day before the government education supervision department issued a document, will carry out special inspections of this, "move" problem, the principal entrance examination, held directly responsible person in charge of the department. In recent years, our country will reduce the academic burden on students as the reform of basic education, an important part of implementation of quality education, but there are still students "burden reduction". Small rise early to cancel the test after the training, market complex, "class" of the "point" money scams and other chaos, become the problem of the masses of the medical education. To this end, Beijing will be within the city to carry out special inspections for a period of two months through thorough investigation, focus on examination of primary and secondary schools, educational institutions and educational institutions outside the organization, whether there require students to participate in paid extra lessons of the phenomenon, the existence of illegal holding "class" and so on; if there is no primary and secondary school teachers to carry out teaching plan "classroom lectures, not to say" "do not speak out about the school and other issues. The document also proposed, for tackling the problem, will establish a comprehensive, regular monitoring system, and improve the responsibility and the implementation of the investigations accountable and effective mechanism to focus on content management into the responsibility of inspectors listed paid remedial supervision, regular supervision, regularly carry out special inspection. Beijing City Board of education, said the relevant staff, the external training institutions false propaganda, illegal enrollment and other acts, found together investigated. Paid remedial actions for the primary and secondary schools, seriously pursue the teachers, schools and educational administrative departments of leadership responsibility, and exposure to real society. On the point of the problem, the principal responsible for serious investigation, the admissions Department heads. Lack of supervision, frequent problems, strong social reflection of the school and the District, the district is responsible for serious investigation, the main responsibility of the two primary school.相关的主题文章:

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