Beijing scenic spots are frequent touch relics such as uncivilized behavior homefront

By , November 20, 2017 5:23 pm

Beijing scenic spots are frequent touch relics such as the uncivilized behavior in October 2nd, Jingshan Hill Park, two tourists sitting in the rockery, erected on one side of "do not climb rocks" brand blind. Beijing News "eleven" holiday, a pair of young men and women in the the Badaling Great Wall area to play in the Great Wall wall lettering caused a netizen angry. During the holidays, the Beijing News reporter visited the Beijing City, the park and the famous tourist attractions, tourism uncivilized behavior is also a lot, some parents holding children across the railing touched relics; some tourists climb rocks play photo; the the Summer Palace in Kunming lake, two boats of mutual collision, very dangerous. In October 3rd, Zhang tourists in the Badaling Great Wall scenic play, in the third floor of the north and North four floor when she saw the crowd a young couple took the key name in the wall engraved. And in the two people behind not far away, is to prohibit the characterization of the prompt card. Zhang took each other’s behavior photographed, sent to the micro-blog. Zhang told the media that the lack of awareness of young people to protect the national heritage, too uncivilized. These pictures sent to the Internet, causing anger. A netizen said that it is strongly recommended that the implementation of the blacklist system in various scenic spots, and strictly enforced. There are friends that love to engrave on the heart, not on the wall. The provisions of the August 2003 implementation of the "management measures" to protect the the Great Wall in Beijing City, is depicted, defaced, damaged the Great Wall. Any violation of the above regulations shall be ordered by the administrative department for cultural relics to be corrected, and may be fined not less than 200 yuan but not more than 500 yuan. The provisions of the implementation of 13 years, some netizens said that such punishment is too light. Some media statistics, since the "black list" is not the implementation of civilization event media and dozens of users exposed, a lot of uncivilized behavior, most of the parties has failed to appear in the tourism sector in the "black list". Some experts said that the black list in what kind of behavior will lead to what kind of tourists on the black and limited details, there are few published, affecting the deterrent force of this system. Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing Tourism Association chairman Liu Simin believes that with the development of the tourism industry, domestic and overseas tourism continues to expand the scale, but uncivilized behavior is one of the few, to solve this problem is to guide and strengthen social education, enhance the quality of citizens. Visit 1 dissuasion climbing stone company visits reporter in October 2nd in Jingshan Hill Park, in a rockery on the west side of Jingshan Hill at the foot of the mountain near the scene saw a dangerous action, a woman standing on the top of the rocks, with a self bar to play the self, and in her side, a child is in the rocks look down the edge. 2 people stood at the highest point of the rockery, and standing plane is less than 1 square meters. 2 of the dangerous action was soon discovered by the park staff, the staff shouted: "come down, there is danger, be careful." The child turned around and looked at the staff at a loss. And the name of the woman did not seem to care about the staff call, changed the angle to continue self. Coincidentally, in another place rocks Jingshan Hill Park, a piece of writing "to fly相关的主题文章:

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