Beijing Olympic gold medalist, Rio coaches in Taiwan – in exchange haywire

By , November 14, 2017 10:05 pm

The Rio Olympic gold medalist, coaches in Taiwan AC – China News Agency, Beijing in October 23 Taipei Xinhua (reporter Huang Shaohua Xu Dejin) should be invited to the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, led by China Olympic Committee Vice Chairman Li Yingchuan, the Rio Olympic Games gold medalist and coach a group of 27 people, 23 arrived in Taiwan, launched a 5 day demonstration of communication. This is following the Beijing Olympic Games, Vancouver Olympics, gymnasts, skaters, London Olympic Games, diving and synchronized swimming athletes to Taiwan after the demonstration, on both sides of IOC again again to create the Olympic theme activities. There are 15 gold medalist and 7 gold medal coach delegation, from weightlifting, taekwondo, cycling, athletics, shooting, volleyball 6 projects, including China delegation "shot" the first gold Zhang Mengxue, race players Wang Zhen, Liu Hong, Deng Wei, Meng Suping, weightlifter, Long Qingquan, Yan Mei Shi Zhiyong. Taekwondo "couple" players Zheng Shuyin, Zhao Shuai, cyclist, officer Jin Jie, bell angel, women’s volleyball champion team member Xu Yunli, Yan Ni, Liu Xiaotong. Of these, the gold medal athletes and coaches will be dispatched to Taipei, Kaohsiung, Miaoli, Hsinchu and other places, in-depth Sports Center, training base, colleges and schools, and the Taiwan player, coach and youth sports enthusiasts to carry out demonstration exchanges, learn skills, share experiences, enhance the level of harmonious feelings. It is reported that the 6 projects are also of concern in Taiwan, Taiwan has the advantages of the project, there are more popular and favorite items by taiwan. 23, 2009, at the press conference in Taipei, Li Yingchuan said that over the years, the two sides adhere to the sports sector on the basis of the Olympic model actively promote cross-strait sports exchanges and cooperation, and achieved fruitful results. Especially in the past eight years of peaceful development of cross-strait relations, cross-strait sports exchanges have made breakthrough progress. He said, I believe this exchange will help promote the development of sports in Taiwan, deepen exchanges and cooperation on both sides of the sports, maintaining cross-strait sports exchanges both good situation. Zhao Shuai and Zheng Shuyin for small players to do on-site guidance demonstration. Zheng Shuyin and Rio Olympic weightlifting gold medal Chinese Taipei player Xu Shujing exchanged jerseys. The Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee Vice Chairman Cai Cijue, sports legend Huang Zhixiong and Chen Yian attended the meeting. (end)相关的主题文章:

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