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Beijing population sample survey of household registration started about ten minutes per original title: population sample survey of household registration survey investigation investigators start wearing a handheld PDA household takes about ten minutes from midnight yesterday to 15, the 2016 annual population survey started the city inspector home thoroughly and registration, will wear the uniform and presentation of the investigation card. The population sample survey involving a total of 16 districts of the 1162 communities (neighborhood) village, is expected to investigate the number of registered 600 thousand. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporters follow two investigators carried out household registration in Dongcheng District Beixinqiao Gate Street community. The survey respondents households households are also surveyed at 11 am, Xie Hongjun and Zhang Minjie, the two investigators began formal household survey. They are responsible for the investigation of the temple is the temple 19 to No. 33, a total of more than and 70 households. Xin Si Hu Tong Road is not paved with pebbles, along the road, they came to the symplectic Temple alley No. 25, this is a residential courtyard with ten households. I’m sorry to bother you, but today is a formal home survey." One family anti-theft door knocking scarlet, Xie Hongjun with the master Han sister bright and clear identity, approved to get into the house. This family is a family of three, the old two and nephew live here. "Do you live here today?" This is the first question asked by the investigator. Xie Hongjun said, according to the regulations, the object of investigation for the investigation of the district with People’s Republic of China nationality, the survey conducted by households as a unit, both the investigation of households, but also to investigate the collective households. Those who need to be registered in the investigation area include: persons who reside in the home on the evening of October 31, 2016, and those who do not reside in the home on the evening of October 31, 2016. Xie Hongjun and Zhang Minjie need to fill in the contents of the investigation is divided into items according to the user and according to the project. According to the user to complete the project 5, including the number of households, households, should be registered in the number of households, the family from November 1, 2015 to October 31, 2016, the birth and death of the population. According to the 19 items of the project, including the name, the relationship with the head of the household, gender, date of birth, residence registration address, the survey point of residence address, the time to leave the residence registration, employment and other personal information. What work to study the vehicle and the time since the statistics have retired, the old two form is relatively simple, verify the name, age, household registration and other basic information on it. In the verification of information nephew Mr. Zhai, had some minor problems. He is not a local account, in Inner Mongolia, that is, we often say that ‘people are not at home’." Xie Hongjun said. Mr. Zhai has lived here for nine years, in a clothing company engaged in shop inspection work. Investigation on the same day he was not at home, so the elder sister can accurately tell Han Zhai specific location. "Now we have to fill in this column is the occupation, employees in the service industry," Xie Hongjun told the Beijing morning news reporter pointed to the table until after 10 p.m., Mr. Zhai returned home to call to ask specific circumstances. Han sister can not provide a letter 2相关的主题文章:

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