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By , November 14, 2017 10:04 pm

Guangzhou young men crazy stealing female high-heeled shoes jailed for six months – Beijing new network in Guangzhou in September 20, Guangzhou (Cai Minjie) a 22 year old man Chen due to obscene articles, think to the ladies high heels is very excited, so crazy stealing high-heeled shoes to meet their own, and only steal a high-heeled shoes in part, the female owner alarm. Guangzhou Liwan District people’s court said 20 days, Chen guilty of theft and jailed for six months. According to the Guangzhou District, Liwan District, a residential property owners reflect, since May last year, put on the door of the high heels often without reason, and each pair of shoes is only one. Some owners think that their children lost not immediately alarm. Later in the owners group to see a lot of owners are reflected in the same situation, and the owner of the video upload stolen shoes, women owners were aware of the stolen shoes. Defendant Chen 22 years old, engaged in construction work. May 2015 onwards, Chen because of cervical problems, repeated visits to the area of the doctor’s residence to receive massage therapy. During the treatment, he found that many households are placed in front of the shoe, shoe in the display of high-heeled shoes, let it not be self suppression. Chen said that when the area of massage, he will be on the way to choose their own love of women’s high-heeled shoes, and then quietly walked to the stairs, to the high heels indecent actions. End the use of high-heeled shoes, will be directly thrown into the garbage or back shoe. Guangzhou public security organs through the investigation found that in a few months, the implementation of the theft of a total of five female high heels, theft of high-heeled shoes, only six. Guangzhou Liwan court that Chen guilty of theft and sentenced to six months and fined $one thousand. Chen said in court not to appeal, and the behavior of regret. (end)相关的主题文章:

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