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Battlefield exceptionally fragrant yellow flowers (History Memorial parade) – Travel Channel original title: Battlefield exceptionally fragrant yellow flowers (History Memorial parade) Gutian conference site. Picture of Cangshan green, cenglinjinran, spark shine, warm skin. Gutian town of Fujian city of Longyan province Shanghang county agency mountain Xilu, a cornices, white tiles of the ancient buildings, ancient grave sitting east to the west. Towering old trees set off, "the Gutian meeting shinesforth eight red characters, like a flame, exceptionally bright. Here is the well-known, far and near the site of the Gutian conference. In the conference site, as if from a towering past emerges here. This was built in the 1848’s courtyard, along the axis in the front yard, lobby, patio, hall. Before and after the two, miankuo three, left and right wing. "After the office for the Gutian meeting, left wing Mao Zedong, Chen Yi in Gutian during the meeting of the office, the right wing of Zhu De office." Stroll inside the house, deputy director of the Gutian Convention and exhibition hall of the Hong kong. According to Hong sunwuzi guidelines into the conference hall, I saw two tables together, is the chairman of Taiwan; ten rows long bench is neat, delegates discussed the place. A hall, when the conference delegates and traces has clearly discernible. "At that time, more than 120 delegates packed the hall, sitting on the bench full, other people can only sit on the floor of the courtyard on the ground. We talked completely forgotten as the depth of winter, cold weather. Because it is too focused, for heating stove blackened floor, we also do not know." Hong Wuzi said. 87 years ago, it is in this group of charcoal beside the delegates listened to Mao Zedong on the construction of the party, army thought, unanimously adopted the "resolution Chinese Communist Party Congress of the Fourth Army of the Red Army ninth case", established the fundamental principle of the party’s absolute leadership over the army, to listen to the party, follow the party become the noble pursuit of officers and soldiers and triumphalism…… Since then, the soul into the blood, with the military flag, a new people’s army has leapt to the stage of history, from misery to glory. Not only the site of the Gutian conference, walk through the town of Gutian, red mark everywhere. Gutian eight a village, Shoin hall, hall two ZTE building still stands, here are the Red Army before the authorities and the Red Army Political Department site, the Red Army headquarters site; Gutian Lai Fang village, a beautiful shop still, immortal "sparks of fire can start a prairie fire" is written here…… This is the "tuanding workers and peasants who eat bitter bitter in home poverty; local tyrants and evil gentry to deceive you at the Paul, killed others; you also come to my poor poor, poor pain is generally the same; tuanding want in pain, get up quickly to help the workers and peasants……" In the visit, a song was written against the enemy officers and soldiers of the Red Army Propaganda songs in Gutian now are singing, the red gene has been deeply rooted in Gutian this piece of red land. (commissioning editor: Qin Jing, happy)相关的主题文章:

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