Battle of life and death! Hope that the miracle of the country is ready to do everything before the

By , April 17, 2018 6:19 pm

Battle of life and death! For the Orangemen to create a miracle before everything has been prepared in the last train back foot Haigen toot Mei fang absent Legal Evening News (reporter Wang Fan) card in the battle is already "lose" game of the national football team and Lippi hopes to create a miracle. Tomorrow, the National Stadium will be the World Cup qualifier in Kunming, East Asia, the top 12 teams in the tournament’s top fifth opponents qatar. Yesterday, the team finished in Kunming Haigeng base last practice today, will be held before the press conference and the East stadium before the official training on extension in Kunming. In November 15th, the Orangemen will usher in the 12 strong match fifth rivals Qatar team warm-up match Lippi hopes to grasp the opponent intelligence miracle national football training yesterday is still only open to the media for 15 minutes, in addition to staying in the hotel to adjust the Mei fang, the remaining 24 players in the training field to participate in training with the ball. Although in the 40 race China had foot and Qatar had a fight, but opponents have to replace the coach, and there are also some changes in personnel, in preparation for the game against Qatar national football game, very cautious. On Friday, the Qatar team and the Russian team had a warm-up match, the final team of Qatar 2 to 1 victory over opponents. China also sent to Doha to watch the game, spying on military, and has relevant information feedback to rival Lippi. In the past few days before the game, the foot of the country has also been specifically targeted against the opponent’s training. This is a game of Lippi took the country foot pointer after the first race. Lippi just took office when he said he hoped that the war in the card to make the national team players to enhance confidence. Recently, FIFA’s official website published an interview with coach Lippi, the article wrote, Lippi hopes to lead the team to create a miracle. The "silver fox" said the miracle of nature is led by the national soccer team into the world cup in 2018. At present, 12 season zhanba 4, Qatar team accumulated 3 points ranked second countdown and the national football team, only accumulates 1 points at the bottom. For the two teams, it’s a game that can’t afford to lose. Lippi said that the current priority is to focus on the same with Qatar and South Korea’s game, the results of these two games will basically determine the fate of the country in the 12 game. If you can not achieve this goal, Lippi hopes to be able to prepare for the war and to ensure that the entire process of building the team made good progress, so as to focus on the next Asian cup. The plane cannot fall Kunming arrival time a day later Qatar captain Hassan · Hay Dos went to Chinese ago admitted that the game is likely to determine the team in the 12 race destiny, so the team’s goal is to take the 3 points. According to the original plan, Qatar 13 from Doha to Kunming, arrived at the scheduled time is around 13 am at around 4 p.m., the team will go to the east end of the stadium to carry out adaptive training in advance to adapt to the plateau climate. Qatar Airways Qatar Airways flight, however, did not have a permit to Doha to Kunming route. Therefore, the line is not recognized by the Civil Aviation Administration, Qatar’s charter no way to sail in Kunming long相关的主题文章:

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