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By , April 15, 2018 12:26 pm

"Batman: Arkham VR" started to experience the Batman addiction this enters TGS 2016 stations [Sina games exclusive Zhuangao may not be reproduced without permission] "Batman: Arkham" developed by VR had developed the classic "Arkham" series of Rocksteady studio in person, is a PS VR exclusive game works. In the E3 after the announcement, many times the exhibiting demo to gain a lot of praise from the media. But for the video Jun, or for the first time to experience this VR game. Batman: Arkham VR "Batman: Arkham" controller using the VR MOVE is used to simulate the two handles, Batman’s two hands. In DEMO, the player plays Batman himself, but at the beginning we are not Batman, but Bruce Wayne. In Wayne’s luxurious mansion, you need to do is to reproduce the incarnation of Wayne from Batman this handsome turned process. Unfortunately, the scene prohibit shooting, video games Jun can only describe the content of the text in the DEMO. In addition to using MOVE to control the game in the hands of Batman’s position, the trigger button on the back of the MOVE controller is to control the crawl action. Press the trigger, and Batman will pick up the object. Standing in the living room in front of the piano, took the old housekeeper to pass the key after use it to open the panel keys of the piano, with two MOVE handle your hand to tap a few keys, the switch can trigger hidden in the basement. From here also officially opened the transfiguration process. Then you have to do is pass to you in front of the Batman a piece of equipment to wear to the body, put your arm through a machine arm, picked up the breastplate of phi to the body, and finally picked up the mask on his head. Put on this dress, you’ll have a mirror in front of you. Here the game head motion capture is very sensitive, look in the mirror and Batman (or should I say look at yourself in the mirror), into a sense of "instant pumianerlai". "Batman: Arkham VR" lets you play the main view in addition to Batman bat suit, a variety of essential weapons and equipment of batman. "Batman: you can experience three weapons Arkham VR" DEMO: hook lock, scanner and bats dart gun. Hook lock gun can seize the distant objects, through the trigger button press MOVE to fire. Scanner is used to scan the scene, but in addition to the DEMO in addition to the transformation of the game did not have the story of the game process experience, in the end what is the specific role of the scanner is still unknown. Batarangs buckle on your waist, waving to the target through the controller can be thrown out of bat darts. Don’t worry about your dart method unlike xiaolifeidao, throw out batarangs with automatic collimation correction. To wear all the equipment, after the basic usage of familiar with the three kinds of weapons, turned the platform continues to decline to a deep cave. Finally down to the cave floor, a huge console appeared in front of the above there are also a few props. One of the most impressive video game is a clown.相关的主题文章:

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