Baiyin District 6 years living victim suspects raped and killed by the wife’s mother to send

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Baiyin District 6 years living victim suspects raped and killed by the wife’s mother to send food from Baiyin serial rape and murder suspect Gao Chengyong with his wife and children had rented crime district – cotton factory district for 6 years, had not been aware of, by the wife’s mother to send food to live year-round. Neighbors that Gao Chengyong identity, can not help but creepy. Like the movie lines, the most dangerous place is the safest place". Gansu province Baiyin serial rape and murder suspect Gao Chengyong, after the murder of a woman 6 years later, with his wife and children moved into her cotton factory district, is a live 6 years, all the year round by the wife’s mother to send food. The crime victim in six years after Gao Chengyong had rented in the area where the cotton factory area 6 years previously, in the area of the rape and murder of a woman, and cut off the hands, he committed seventh murders. Figure Yin Zhiyan, Beijing, once rented a building in the first floor, unit 3, on the 1st floor. Beijing time Yin Zhiyan in August 29, 2016, Gansu province Baiyin cotton mill family member courtyard, the autumn wind howling. Into the door is a basketball field, the courtyard has 15 buildings, the local people used the name to avoid the family member courtyard, referred to here as the cotton factory district. In addition to community workers and their families in the factory, many houses in the migrant workers, including 14 of them committed between 11 murder "outsiders" Gao Chengyong. In the early winter of sixteen years ago, the suspect Gao Chengyong appeared in a cotton mill, no one knows. He walked into the home of a 28 year old woman who killed her neck, took off her pants and cut off her hands. And this is Gao Chengyong’s rape and murder of seventh serial murders. For many years Gao Chengyong in 2006, he again went unpunished, the cotton factory district. He came to the 3 floor of a unit on the first floor, rent a Yishiyiting house, living here in the silence. Gao Chengyong is a live 6 years, in the more than 2 thousand day and night, and he lived on Song Dongmei had never seen his home a guest visit, did not see his wife through the red clothes. At that time Song Dongmei cannot be these "doubt" suspects and high Chengyong together, until the murder solved, victims of "wear red" and other information disclosed by the media, she thought "no wonder (Gao Chengyong) so many years are so sensitive to red be scanty of words". Gao Chengyong’s dress is very simple, most of the day, he is wearing blue trousers and a black shirt. It is wearing blue trousers with a black coat. Tall Gao Chengyong in the impression of Song Dongmei, the feeling is very few clothes, always a few pieces". Long by the wife’s mother to send food by "Beijing time" visited Gao Chengyong’s rented house, a total of 38 square meters, the door is a kitchen, the word "T" is only two pieces of wood stove frame in the paper box on top of the window, the rusting steel, a few pieces of paper advertising is transparent tape posted on the wall. The bedroom walls are plastered with calendar advertising paper, placed a corner with a plane of less than 1 square meters next to a table, can accommodate two or three people seated opposite the old sofa, placed against the wall with a piece of 1.8 meters of the bed. Gao Chengyong had rented a house map Beijing time Yin Zhiyan had rented a house in Beijing, when the figure Yan相关的主题文章:

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