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By , November 16, 2017 5:52 pm

Baidu unmanned vehicle users: the first beta – this little thing three years commercial Sohu, Lexus automobile has many Tesla technology "aided driving technology" is not new, but do not need to complete the L4 level driving automatic driving car, the unmanned vehicle before more is present in the news reports, many people only heard the sound has its face. Today, in the eve of the eve of the world Internet Conference, Zhejiang, Wuzhen scenic area, Baidu driverless car opened the veil, ushered in the first passengers, including me, including the first in. I have the honor of being the twenty-sixth experience of Baidu unmanned vehicle passengers — this is the world’s first unmanned vehicle public experience, I think I should is the world’s twenty-sixth unmanned vehicle passengers, it makes me feel like this a special trip to Wuzhen to visit, at the same time, Baidu unmanned vehicle to become clear hitherto unknown. Baidu unmanned vehicle: early experience is not perfect but clever Baidu unmanned vehicle division was established at the end of last year, but the development in the unmanned vehicle on Baidu has been a long time before, is to cooperate with BMW, based on BMW 3 Series cars developed unmanned vehicles in Beijing, five high-speed road test success, reaching a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour. This time I was in Wuzhen to experience the driverless car is Baidu’s new R & D products. Unlike the previous highway road test is that the Baidu driverless car is in the city road, the road there are many social vehicles, pedestrians, electric cars and even the old man, much more difficult than the highway. More importantly, this is not a one-time road test, but the cycle constantly pulled from all over the world to participate in the Internet World Conference guest experience. This experience has been compared to a single highway test, has a quasi commercial value, rather than laboratory products. Baidu to give you the experience of unmanned vehicles are divided into two models, one is working with BYD, a cooperation with Chery, are pure electric vehicles. The reason to choose these two products, support for domestic cars to consider, from the license plate can be seen, these cars are shipped from Beijing, Baidu specifically to Zhejiang. From the exterior, no cars and ordinary cars is not what difference, the most prominent difference is at the top of the radar, traveling in the car, the 64 line laser radar will rotate at a high speed, 16 line laser radar and the outer body, left and right after the three directions, the formation of "1+3" structure of 360° no dead angle scanning pavement. After sitting on the unmanned vehicle can be realized on the tablet PC Radar fine degree. Unmanned vehicle built-in high precision map. The map is very accurate route, down to the ground is solid or dashed. Then the unmanned vehicle according to its displacement, combined with radar scan data to draw the dynamic map, the optimal decision of integrated real-time road traffic conditions, the next step, such as retrograde electric conditions permit will change. Because the road is very complex, there are people, cars, electric cars, animal, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant departments, Baidu unmanned vehicle shall be equipped with a steering wheel, brake, and configuration of security officer, security officer in the running hand must "virtual grip the steering wheel, in case of emergency over manned unmanned vehicles. learn相关的主题文章:

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