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By , April 15, 2018 12:22 pm

Baby to nurse hands sleep parents questioned fed sleeping pills nanny innocence Beijing – since the nanny, the original love crying child suddenly becomes especially abnormal behavior of children love to sleep, let people Miss Zhou a nanny suspected cheating. After checking the nanny’s bag, and found that there was a bottle of sleeping pills, Ms. Zhou immediately to the police. Correspondent Qin Gongxuan Zhao Xiang Yangzi Evening News reporter Pei Rui incident: children love to sleep sleep is a week after the birth of a child to Ms. domestic companies to ask a yuesao. I did not expect this Yuesao really good, a lot of children better than their children, don’t cry also love to sleep. Time can be a long time, the woman did not feel right, when the children were brought back to their home country, and the same as ordinary children crying. But a national day saw home Yuesao began a quiet sleep, and sometimes slept for a long time, it can not help but let Ms. Zhou alert. Search a Yuesao news on the Internet, Ms. Zhou suddenly doubt, is not to give the child a Yuesao sleeping pills. She proposed to see Yuesao carry on bag, really did not expect to find. Ms. Zhou when Yuesao face found a bottle of Valium, the drug can play a hypnotic effect. This week a miss pan fried, feel Yuesao to give their children fed sleeping pills behavior was in a murder, and Ms. Zhou decisively chose the alarm. Survey: sleeping bottle not sleeping pills in the temple in the police station Yuesao Aunt Wang told the police, although this bottle of medicine is written Valium, is actually the treatment of gallbladder pain medicine. She saw a doctor at the hospital in the home, the doctor gave her medicine, because the drug is not convenient bag, the doctor gave her a small bottle. Wang aunt afraid to eat the wrong medicine, the doctor also deliberately dropped the original name of the drug, changed to stop pain three words. Police look at what is expected to be exactly the same as Aunt Wang said, then Aunt Wang also provides a hospital medical records. At the same time, Aunt Wang pointed out that her bag can be more than this kind of medicine, there are many other drugs, they are wronged good. Observation: why the crisis of confidence? Eventually, in the police mediation next week, Ms. Wang and the lifting of the labor contract. At the same time, the company said the company will be sent to the relevant departments of the bottle of medicine to be identified, and Aunt Wang’s disease is infectious and verification. The reporters found that the market between employers and Yuesao disputes is also a lot of child abuse, give children sleeping pills more than one event. On the other hand, there are many Yuesao wronged by employers. For example, the employer home lost things, child physical discomfort will be suspected to Yuesao body, so many employers in the home are installed monitor. At present, Yuesao hot market, resulting in market Yuesao worth soared, a month more than ten thousand Yuesao what is no longer a novelty, the employer’s requirements to Yuesao more and more is also high. Contradiction between the two sides is also normal. Hope that the management departments to strengthen market supervision, the establishment of access threshold and related Yuesao contradiction resolving mechanism.相关的主题文章:

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