Baby to autumn frost Be careful with the disease!

By , April 17, 2018 6:16 pm

Baby to "autumn frost"? Be careful with the disease! "Autumn aspic" is "suitable temperature", but in the face of cooling, some parents have children to miss the point, "autumn aspic" Tim clothes there are many errors. The existence of these errors, not only make the autumn frost did not play the desired effect, but also damage the baby’s health. Autumn dress baby misunderstanding 1 button clothes don’t choose newborn clothes are mostly by the lace design, this can avoid the harm the baby’s skin or buttons baby swallowed occurred buttons, but this does not mean that you can not buy clothes with buttons. There are more than warm clothes buttons, lace design clothes, it is more suitable for the baby to wear in winter. As far as possible, do not choose the button is easy to loose, buttons rough clothes. 2 clothes loose not to affect the baby’s development of loose clothes although babies do not produce sense of restraint, but if the clothes do not close the baby is very easy to catch a cold, so the choice of clothes should be proper tightness". Loose, namely body loose, but also loose clothes as much as possible to close, especially the baby underwear size to fit the width of a half inch to two inches; tight cuffs that clothes not too wide, the sleeve is best designed, so more warm. Don’t ignore the clothing cuff design clothes, should choose soft and warm clothes designed by. 3 the baby to sleep as little as possible to wear a lot of clothes to wear a lot of children are afraid of the baby sleep, specifically to allow the baby to wear less clothes when sleeping, in fact, this is unscientific. The baby was born as soon as possible to sleep wrapped in clothing. Because if you do not put the baby’s small bag is good, too small baby sleep will be very unstable. When the baby after the expiration of 2 months, two legs at night will not stop kicking, tend to put the quilt aside, then the mother should give the baby to wear baby pajamas, clothes to be warm enough, to prevent the baby kicking quilt and cold. The basic idea of different children’s "freezing method" and "autumn frost" is to exercise the body’s ability to adapt to the cold winter. Children in the juvenile Yin Yang body, are in growth stage, self adjustment ability is poor. Mom and dad should be with climate change, to step by step on the baby cold training, the implementation of the "autumn frost". 1 from time to time to distinguish the "frozen" method in autumn, autumn is most suitable for different autumn cold, not to add too many baby clothes. The heat has not disappeared, but also from time to time there are several "autumn" visit, although the temperature began to decrease, but not cold. Autumn is the best time to start, the most suitable for cold exercise. Autumn morning and evening temperature is low, should pay attention to add clothes. Late autumn day and night temperature difference is big, do not let the baby blind and not only unhealthy is harmful, easily lead to respiratory disease. 2: "It differs from man to man. age, 0-1 years old infants of different freezing method: after autumn only and do not be thin unlined, tightly wrapped, my quilt should be loose, soft, easy to stretch the baby body; when the temperature dropped to 20 degrees Celsius, wear clothes, quilt cover. 2-3 years old children: autumn should wear cotton underwear, easy to sweat. As the temperature drops, can be a single layer of clothing, do not give the child to wear chemical fiber clothes, because the chemical fiber clothes easy to produce static electricity, it will increase the drying of the skin, and相关的主题文章:

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