China should not have only one Sun Haiping

Sports General Administration official interpretation of the post Liu Xiang era of Chinese track and field road – new network in Taiyuan in May 11 (Hu Jian) Liu Xiang retired 34 days, the community on the "post Liu Xiang era" of China’s track and Field Road, full of doubts and expectations. 11, held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province of China Grand Prix period, China’s State General Administration of Sport Training Bureau deputy director Yang Peigang to reporter describes the opinions of their own. Yang Peigang is the Shanghai people, he was the vice chairman of the Shanghai track and field association. When Liu Xiang was 15 years old, he caught Yang Peigang’s attention. In Yang Peigang’s view, Liu Xiang such a talent can not be found. "He has nine to be talent, only one is to rely on the day after tomorrow. However, China and the yellow, this talent is not much, on the one hand is coaching staff are not good at finding, on the other hand is today’s one-child are not dry hard training. " How to make the Chinese track and field into a virtuous circle, Yang Peigang believes that the combination of the body is the trend of the times. "Education should include sports content, so that children from childhood exposure to the movement, according to the interest and physical development of the targeted training." Seedling selected, how to maximize their talent, the coach of this ring is also crucial. "China should not have only one Sun Haiping, and now there are a lot of teachers in the coaching staff, they train more sophisticated. We should learn from each other and their improving the level of coaches in China by foreign teachers, the long-term development of the Chinese track and field may not always rely on the teacher. " Yang Peigang said that at present, Sun Haiping set up a coach training studio, I hope he can bring athletes, but also to bring a number of outstanding coaches. The 25 year old Xie Wenjun is known as is after Liu Xiang, Shi Dongpeng, a rising star in the Chinese track and field men’s 110 meter hurdles, known as "Liu successor". May 19, 2014, Xie Wenjun in the IAAF Diamond League Shanghai station men’s 110 meter hurdles final, 23 to 13 seconds won the championship, personal history to create the best results. After the teacher Sun Haiping said excitedly, "Chinese hurdles have qualified successors." In Yang Peigang’s view, from the individual’s physical fitness, Xie Wenjun in some ways even stronger than Liu Xiang. These include "snatch, clean and jerk squat and upper body strength, etc.. But these external forces how to transform into the overall force, but also need to process, need to train the system of training." August 22nd, the world’s track and Field Championships will be held in Beijing. Yang Peigang expectations of Xie Wenjun is very high, this time to do good, Xie Wenjun into the top eight should be no problem. A year after the Rio Olympics, I hope he can get a medal. If you can run around 1 seconds 13, also regarded as a successful career in Sun Haiping’s career." (end)