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By , June 13, 2018 10:35 pm

.puters-and-Technology With the emergence of agile software development processes and cloud testing environments, businesses have to catch-up with the pace at which technology is advancing. This is especially true in the area of software testing and test data management, because that is where huge volumes of data get generated continuously. Organizations therefore have the inevitable need to adopt effective and efficient strategies and solutions for test data management with .plete processes and procedures to govern test data. But more often than not, IT departments in organizations find it hard to create and maintain test data. This gives rise to the creation of unorganized and sometimes in.plete or redundant test databases, which not only add to the organizations costs but also fail in their purpose. It is to over.e this ongoing challenge that industry experts like IBM have developed .prehensive test data management solution s. IBM InfoSphere Optim has been specially designed to help organizations create highly fictionalized, accurate, and right-sized databases that reflect the test cycle from start to end. This enables organizations to do away with expensive cloning processes, and to identify and correct defects much earlier in the development process. Designed with the capability to scale across databases, applications, hardware platforms and operating systems IBM Optim offers the ideal means for organizations to manage test data. Moreover, by adopting IBM Optim, organizations can accelerate their test and release cycles, improve the quality of their products, secure the testing environment, and dramatically bring down costs. By adopting IBM Optim test data management solutions, organizations gain the capability to: * Generate databases that are of the right size and suit the right purpose * Automate the .parison of test results and identify hidden errors if any * Simplify the testing process by refreshing and maintaining production-like test environments * Ensure privacy and security by masking test data * Accelerate time-to-market by shortening test cycles Every .anization has to adopt newer technology from time-to-time in order to keep pace with market changes. Likewise, for better test data management and improved software product quality, .anizations have to adopt a robust test data management solution like IBM Optim, which can not only simplify the testing process with its built-in yet customizable frameworks, but also ensure that the management of test data is done in an efficient and effective manner so as to produce desirable results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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