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By , April 16, 2018 10:24 pm

Heavy: Apple artificial intelligence the most complete decryption, iBrain already is everywhere – Sohu technology editor’s note: now the most popular technique of artificial intelligence is, but the world’s most valuable company Apple seems to be completely indifferent, considered seriously lagging behind in the field of artificial intelligence, in addition to voice assistant Siri, there seems to be no more as. But perhaps the real situation of speculation with the outside world is completely different, Backchannel editor Steven Levy recently visited apple, found that the company actually before the industry has used a deep learning technology fashion, and its use in all aspects except Siri. Reading this article you can quickly understand what Apple products have been machine learning intrusion, why it can secret research and development of new technology for many years, the culture and the principle of machine learning to bring what kind of challenges, and how was it with the mainstream industry to do"…… This article compiled from backchannel. In June 30, 2014, Siri ushered in a brain transplant. Two years ago, Apple was the first company to integrate intelligent assistants into its operating system. The Siri is Apple’s acquisition of an independent application to improve, it also swallowed the development team in 2010. For Siri, the initial assessment was gratifying, but over the next few months to a few years, users are increasingly impatient with its shortcomings. It is often wrong understanding of how to adjust the instruction, also did not improve the yuan. So in the above mentioned date, Apple will Siri speech recognition transplanted to the neural network based on the system. This service first for U.S. users, and in August 15th to the global. Some of the early technology is still useful, including hidden Markov model, but now the system is using the machine learning technology, including DNN (deep neural network), convolutional neural network, short and long term memory units, closed recurrent units (gated recurrent units), and n-grams. After the user upgrade, although it looks the same as Siri, but after a deep learning to strengthen. As with other improvements, Apple has not announced the progress of Siri because it is reluctant to expose itself to its competitors. If the user is aware of what it is, it is only that it makes fewer mistakes. Apple also said that the improvement in the accuracy of shocking. Eddy Cue of Apple’s software and Internet Services Senior Vice President Eddy Cue said, "this improvement effect so obvious, that were re tested to ensure that no one is wrong a decimal point." Siri story of transformation in the field of artificial intelligence will make people frowned, not because of the improvement of neural network system, but because of Apple technology so skilled and so low-key. Until recently, although Apple has increased recruitment efforts in the field of AI, but also made a number of high-profile acquisitions, but the outside world still think it is the most intense competition in the AI slightly behind. Because Apple has been tight lipped, even AI experts don’t know what it is in machine learning. Professor Standford in artificial intelligence.相关的主题文章:

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