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By , April 15, 2018 12:23 pm

Anti Democratic Progressive party! The Kuomintang will boycott the budget for the DPP party let Cai Yingwen bite, blue camp counterattack, the total budget will make 3500 cuts and freeze the Cai Yingwen administration’s "boycott case". Pictured before the Legislative Yuan Wang Jinping (left), caucus total call Liao Guodong, Party Secretary of the Yangtze River before the conference before Qi Chen held to exchange views. (data source: Taiwan "Chinese times") original title: the counter first shot: the total budget for China let Cai Yingwen boycott Taiwan network October 23rd news according to the "Taiwan times" reported China, the DPP came for the assets of the Kuomintang "improper property now never to yield an inch of ground, and out of the blue and green regulations" cumulative conflict spread to determine the upcoming 2017 annual total budget of the Taiwan authorities. Informed sources pointed out that the face of a Cai Yingwen administration policy success of the total budget, the KMT has decided to fight back. The sacrifice of the 3500 "case of sea" tactics this time, the KMT Legislative Yuan busy, is to the 3500 budget cuts, resorted to freezing case. It is understood that the KMT group decided to do the same, recently we desperately out of the KMT ruling period, the DPP boycott of the total budget of the relevant information. The blue camp ready to boycott the total budget, the key lies in July this year, the DPP is forced through the "trust property of improper disposal Ordinance" caused by the. Wang Jinping express will open the first shot the day before, before the Legislative Yuan Wang Jinping in question, especially for "improper property regulations" said harsh words, called on the DPP and KMT should jointly signed a joint proposal, claims constitutional interpretation". Wang Jinping use of the question of express, you can see the blue camp counter the first step, the annual budget will be the first shot. It is understood that in July 21st, Wang Jinping had to Party met with Cai Yingwen, Wang Jinping want to handle the property of this matter should be hard pressed over ", Cai Yingwen was also very sincere, and willing to discuss at the party. But insiders pointed out that later in the DPP’s Legislative Yuan caucus total call Ker chien – Ming arrangement, look for 2 party "legislator" discussions with Cai Yingwen, but eventually got forced through improper Property Disposal Ordinance "conclusion. Cai Yingwen to the green committee hold a tough fight today, the DPP came for the assets of the Kuomintang has become a reality, with the Taiwan authorities total budget review is coming, the blue camp has been sharpening. The greens reluctantly said, as long as the Democratic Progressive Party at the time of the electronic file data transfer, slightly modified, it can be used to repair the kmt dpp, the DPP does make the whole head in holding burning". Insiders pointed out that if the total annual budget really was frozen and cut, the DPP will fall into a dilemma. Therefore, the Democratic Progressive Party on Wednesday, Cai Yingwen on the spot to the party propaganda, she knows the future many hard battle to fight, to the "Legislative Yuan" everyone to hold on. (China Taiwan net Zhu Lian)相关的主题文章:

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