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By , November 17, 2017 12:21 am

Anhui "insect kingdom" opened part of the building for more than 3 months (Figure) – demolished ruins Sohu news insect kingdom removed construction pictures from Sina micro-blog known as the largest theme park — Anhui Chaohu insect insect kingdom, in this year’s "6? 1" officially opened after less than 4 months in September 22nd. Users are exposed, part of the construction of the project is being demolished. In September 23rd, "Huailin town government office of Anhui Province, Chaohu City, the insect kingdom" of the staff to surging news () said that, since 22, the park is for rectification. However, the reasons for the rectification and duration, the staff said it would publish a public notice after the end of the negotiations. September 23rd, from Hefei city to the insect kingdom tourists Mr. Zhai said the surging news at noon, arrived at the scene, Front Gate Park, the ticket office has been demolished, park inside the building is still intact. In addition, the video and photos taken by users also showed that insect kingdom part of the building has been demolished. In March this year, the Hefei evening news had mentioned in the report, insect kingdom is the largest insect theme park, the project is divided into two phases, the first phase of the project covers an area of 360 acres. On the same day, the State Bureau of land inspectors Nanjing Zhao staff also told surging News revealed that the Council is currently conducting routine inspections of Anhui, Hefei. The insect kingdom issue, the staff in offices responsible per capita in Hefei on business grounds, not that that surging news to Hefei City Land Resources Bureau consultation. 23 PM, surging news call the Hefei Municipal Bureau of land and resources more room phone, but has been unable to connect, the Secretary Gao Guozhong did not reply to surging news message.相关的主题文章:

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