And their parents on the phone left behind children harvest Mid Autumn Festival blessing (Figure) –

By , November 16, 2017 4:53 pm

And parents call left-behind children harvest late autumn blessing (Figure) – Beijing left-behind children to call her parents left-behind children to call my parents in Sichuan Zigong news network September 19th news (reporter Xu Zhaolei photo coverage) "during the festive season. This festival, we do not have sorrow, some happy tears." Yesterday afternoon, the town of Fushun County Central Primary School playground held a late left behind children’s Mid Autumn Festival activities. Activities to "Mid Autumn Moon happy heart" as the theme, to encourage children to speak out their feelings of happiness and longing for happiness, in order to inspire children to use optimistic and positive attitude to face the temporary separation with their parents. Stay away from home and parents call their parents, today, the school gave us the Mid Autumn Festival, everyone has to eat moon cake, in the classroom, grade 2, Chen Yi called her mother’s phone. Chen En’s parents are working in Chongqing, only when the new year will go home for a few days. In the party scene, almost every phone call to parents the children, have to tell their parents are happy holidays, and in turn told parents not homesick, good work, take care of the body, so that the grown-ups are all touched. "To be able to talk in such a special day and separated by numerous hills and streams of the parents, is left-behind children dream of today, we hold the" Mid Autumn Festival, happy heart — left-behind children Mid Autumn Festival "is to create the best real opportunities for them." Mutual town center primary school principals Hu Gang said, because of the rain, originally planned in 14 at the gala will be postponed to 18 days, although it is late for the Mid Autumn Festival, but every child’s feeling happy holiday." It is reported that the center has a total of 863 students, of which 45% are left behind children. In the afternoon, the staff of the Zigong sun counseling studio also left behind children sent a learning tool and moon cakes, so that the children happy holidays. Distribution of moon cakes相关的主题文章:

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