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By , June 13, 2018 10:38 pm

Home-and-Family This article discusses about the cordless drill press which is a must for your shop floor. If you are planning to buy one look out for these details before buying one. For the fastest and most accurate drilling the drill press is what you should look for (though it is not portable still it serves a lot of purpose). Due to its versatility to .plete numerous jobs this tool has be.e an essential item on floor of any shop. The working of a drill press is quite simple. It uses a fixed drilling head positioned above moveable workbench. Throat capacity is important as it measures the size of the workable area. The throat capacity is the distance between the bit and the rear of the workbench. The size of a press is determined by the distance the drill bit is from the column, a 12" press would be capable of drilling a hole in the center of a 12" disk. Looking back at its history we find out that these tools were originally designed as a metal-working tool, but are now .monly used to work with a variety of materials. One important part of this tool is the keyed chuck, there are three holes around the chuck that the key fits into, to prevent a bit from slipping after tightening the bit move to the next hole and tighten again, then move to the third hole and tighten again. Accessories are available that allow the Press to .plete a wide array of day to day jobs. These include performing as sanding drums, rotary planners, hole saws and mortising equipment. The best part of this equipment is its torque which is in.parable with the portable counterpart. Another plus for it is apart from its changing role as a sanding drum, it is absolutely designed for making holes. And you can count on it with closed eyes as it handles the job with precision with repeatable accuracy and control that’s impossible to maintain with a portable tool. This equipment has been modified to serve different purposes. The most .mon presses available in the market are Bench Top model (mount directly to a workbench or on their own stands. Their .pact size makes bench-top models good choices for small shops), Floor Model (usually have more powerful motors, more attachments/accessories and greater material handling capacities than bench-tops. The extra versatility makes floor models good choices for serious DIY and .mercial shops), Radial Drill Press (have a movable spindle that can be adjusted to the work. This type of machine is convenient to use on large and heavy work or where many holes are to be drilled since the work does not have to be readjusted for each hole) and Portable Drill Press (yield the least power, but are convenient for small jobs and travel. For someone without a functioning wood shop, this tool can be necessary). While operating on any mechanical tool like this one your first priority should be safety. Always abide these methods for .plete safety while you work. Always wear eye protection while working on the floor. Run your tools at correct cutting speeds. Use a vise or clamp for handling small material. Remove waste chips with a brush and never by hand. Slow down on the pressure applied as bit breaks through material. Never drill with too much pressure, if the bit is dull sharpen or replace it. If drill binds, shut off machine, turn chuck backwards by hand to free bit. When drilling deep holes withdraw drill to clear chips frequently. Remove drill chuck key immediately after using. Keep floor area around tool clear. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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