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Arts-and-Entertainment Phoenix is known for its stretches of land that are known as the desert but the city is proud to show visitors the best of what they got. They do this by having attractions around the city that are given a Phoenix’s Points of Pride status. There are 33 landmarks in total that represent the best features of the city that not only cater to visitors but also to those who reside in the city. Each of the Point of Pride were chosen via an election process that involved 40,00 residents voting for their favourite places. Many people visit the city from other areas all over the world staying at their Phoenix rentals so this should helpful to those who want to know what they can do in the the city. You will find that one of the main Points of Pride is the Phoenix Zoo and with good cause as this is the largest non-profit zoo in the United States. At this zoo there is roughly over 1,300 animals that you can see, the park has roughly 125 acres of land to operate on and over 2.5 miles of walking trails that are divided into four areas. These are Then Arizona trail, Africa trail, Tropics trail and the Children’s Trail, the latter of which also has a petting zoo. Each of these trails are designed to give visitors a different experience of the zoo, as you can tell by the names some of them focus on different regions of the world. Encanto Park is a park that spans 222 acres, in the park there are various things that may be a interest to you. In the park there are picnic areas so you can take the family out for a fun day and have a nice meal under the basking sun. A Swimming pool which will cool you down if you feel that the sun is getting a bit too much, also there is a man made lagoon that is 7.5 acres long if you want to have a more natural type of swim. There are other things that located in the park such as fishing spots, a nature trail, tow golf courses and a boat house. One of the main attractions that is located in the park is an amusement park called Enchanted Island. Located in the heart of Encanto Park, this is a place where you can go on rides, try out some fun games and take part in the many events that they host at various times of the year for example on 4 April this year they were celebrating Easter with an Easter Egg hunt. Admission ism free but in order to go on the ride you have to purchase tickets, so depending on your what ride you want to go on you may want to buy a book of 20 or all day pass. There are loads others that are recommended such as the Japanese Friendship Garden, Ro Ho En. A joint venture between the city and Himeji in Japan, this is a garden that is 3.5 acres and features a tea garden and tea house for those who want to go to a tranquil place and sample some rare tea’s this is the place to go. There is also the St. Mary’s Basilica which was built in 1902 and is home to the largest collection of stain glassed windows in Arizona. The Points of Pride also includes places that hold sporting events such as the US Airways Center and educational facilities such as the Arizona State University at the West campus and Thomas J. Pappas School. To places of entertainment such as the Symphony Hall, Orpheum Theatre and Cricket Wireless Pavilion. There are too many to mention but if you are in Phoenix have a look at the rest of the list as you will surely find something of interest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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