Ali shares amblin partners studios to join Ma Spielberg movie – Beijing ca1810

By , November 17, 2017 10:53 pm

Ali shares Amblin Partners studios to join Ma Spielberg movie – Beijing pronetway in spring by " src=" 20161009; 2016109205748.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" Alibaba (Amblin Partners pictures and ampere forest) strategic cooperation conference. In the spring of " > photo syradar; Alibaba pictures and Ampere (Amblin Partners) forest strategic cooperation conference. In the spring pronetway photo Beijing, Beijing in October 9, Alibaba (Cheng Chunyu) Group chairman of the board Ma said today that he is actually a director, this decade has been making a film called "Alibaba" in the movie, the movie will have a happy, healthy future. Alibaba pictures (Amblin Partners) and a forest of strategic cooperation conference held in Beijing today. Ma Yun at the press conference with the United States Hollywood movie master, chairman of the board of directors (Chairman) Steven () dialogue (Steven Spielberg). When the host asked if Ma and Spielberg swap identities, Ma became a director, he would like to shoot what movie, Ma made the above statement. The next thirty years, I think the best CEO should be ET, is a computer." Ma Yun also said, Alibaba ecosystem is very complex, the future will be more complex, only the computer or ET, it is possible to better deal with such a complicated thing. So I asked my team to start studying how we can make a machine CEO, we call it ET." Steven, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group and Hollywood movie master dialogue with the. In the spring pronetway photo Ma Yun believes that the machine is a science or knowledge work results, but wisdom comes from art and intuition. This is the value of people, so that we make the world more humane, but also more tactile. Spielberg also said that perhaps one day we may be able to achieve the machine beyond the ability of man, but the machine can never do is that they do not have intuition or soul. This is the only human beings have. We connect people through movies, beyond culture, language, and people. Talk about Ampere Lin and Ali pictures, Spielberg Doug, "there may be some Chinese as the theme of the movie promotion to the United states. We can in cooperation to achieve this plan. In this way, the United States will learn more about china." According to the agreement, part of the Alibaba acquisition amp forest pictures will become one of the equity amp Lin’s strategic shareholder, the two sides will make joint investment, cooperation, derivatives)相关的主题文章:

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