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By , April 16, 2018 10:25 pm

Ali internal open letter, moon cake event fifth employees were dismissed, who is he? – Sohu of science and technology in September 14 evening, Alibaba group chief human officer Jiang Fang to the staff of the internal letter circulated on the Internet, in the letter, replay Ali management of "moon cake incident" treatment before and after consideration, and identified five employees the moon cake event involved in all the fire. "In September 12th, 4 students in the Department of security and Ali cloud security team of the students, using the script code to write in the internal activities of the public spike moon" seconds to "the 133 boxes of moon cake, the moon, the moon, the moon, the moon cake, the moon cake, the moon cake, the moon cake, the moon cake, the moon cake to the box of 1 boxes of moon cake. The chief risk officer Liu Zhenfei and Ali cloud President Hu Xiaoming in with the students after a very honest communication, the company made a decision on the students ". This is not an easy decision to make, nor is it a decision to get all aspects of understanding, this decision also makes the company once again become a storm of public opinion." More than Jiang Fang’s letter to employees. Fifth employees still remember the surface of the moon before the incident Lei Feng hair moon news? Ali cloud security team was responsible for Douglas said, "the rest is that Ali cloud, security group. Ali cloud processing results are still under discussion. Please don’t read too much." In the above Ali internal open letter released soon, Douglas made a circle of friends: "Ye Min is in my heart" before the Alibaba "the whole group (including ants) the first person on the security defense technology, my right-hand man, the future is bound to rise P10 people. In a sense, it is the wealth of the country. Now you guys are safe. Speechless choke "words of all heartache, in view of the value of Ali strong before, these require concessions. In a few hours ago, someone in Ye Min’s circle of friends in a comment "you are the 1/5?" Ye Min responded, "yes."". Ye Min is a joke of the people, the people are not talking outside seriously, until you see the internal Ali letter and Douglas circle of friends. So far, the moon cake event fifth employees confirmed that ye min undoubtedly. Who is Ye Min? "Ali" and so on before the Shield security technology leader. Lei Feng ("Lei Feng network" public attention) [] in the history of the house off the channel editor Ye Min had done an interview — from the beginning of 2010 to join Ali, he witnessed the cloud from alone to a mighty army; he also saw a cloud outside the city, from hackers to assemble into army stragglers and disbanded soldiers. You probably know that Taobao has Chinese electricity supplier big half of the country, but you may not know, the 30% sites in Ali cloud. The Ye Min Ali cloud shield team has only 8 people, his ability and responsibility can be imagined. "When a visitor appears, we can immediately come up with a portrait of IP, including all of his attributes, his history has not been malicious behavior, what is his usual attack. Through the analysis of his visit behavior, combined with the current business, we can determine the intent of the attacker, he wants to pull data or want to control the server. And prevent this from happening.相关的主题文章:

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