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By , April 16, 2018 11:26 am

The purchase of Suzhou after the first shot of soil held 15 plots of land auction about 15000000000 – Sohu news Yangzi Evening News (reporter Zhang Birong) the first large-scale land auction in Suzhou property market restriction after the introduction of the new deal officially staged yesterday. Suzhou City Land Bureau on the city’s 27 plots of land listed on the transfer of the organization, of which 18 residential plots, commercial service plots of the case of 9. Yesterday, 15 cases of land sold 15 billion 11 million yuan, today will continue to auction the case of 12. Yesterday morning at 10 points, the official opening of the land auction, investment, poly, gold, Vanke and other developers to participate in the auction of more than and 50. The first appearance of the 43 plots, from the price of 685 million yuan, the total price of the market guidance of $1 billion 69 million, the price of online bid to suspend the price of $1 billion 336 million, an offer valid range of $1 billion 336 million – $1 billion 604 million. 43 plots auction began four minutes, it has broken through the online auction price, the price of the fifty-second round is $1 billion 343 million. According to the auction rules, more than the online auction price after the suspension, the bidder needs in the transferor published a total effective price range, for a price, and in the most close to the average price of all price quotations in principle determine bidder. Eventually, Zhengzhou green real estate group Limited by Share Ltd with a total price of 1 billion 393 million 880 thousand yuan successfully won the No. 43 plots, the floor price of 30501 yuan per square meter, the premium rate of 103%. According to Suzhou, "the new fifteen" provisions, the land transaction price is higher than the market price guide 10%, the completion of the project acceptance before applying for pre-sale permit, this also means that the 43 plots will be late to Xianfang market. Since then, 14 plots are also high premium shot. 15 plots totaling 15 billion 11 million yuan to buy a high price. And residential plots by the heat is quite different, the day of the auction is almost all commercial land prices to clinch a deal.相关的主题文章:

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