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By , April 10, 2018 8:40 pm

Advisor about "magic girl": flickers suggestions to return to school – Sohu news in July this year, after a number of layoffs, bossy, moving data fraud and a series of negative news, had founded the Department of magical 17 years old school girl Wang Kaixin was pulled down the altar, from peak to trough, only half of the time. Not long ago, Wang Kaixin wrote an article called "the magic department established a year, I experienced almost all the entrepreneurs encounter" the pit, which is seen as a curtain of her words. Although the magic department currently does not collapse, but get 15 million yuan venture capital financing and valuation of billions of dollars worth when compared to the scenery, has intense darkness without light. Wang Kaixin felt himself played test capital game player, even if her company finally became "defective", but the game player are unscathed, "(they) throw out the money when playing an advertisement". Initially, when the capital and media around her carnival, beside Wang Kaixin had an investor advised her, let her go back to school to pick up his studies, but this proposal has not been adopted at the end of her, also led directly to the two part company each going his own way. The mysterious investor is Wang Kaixin’s mentor mentor Lin Jinfeng. "Don’t start, do not fry", was removed in the investment industry for more than and 20 years, Lin Jinfeng always seize the opportune moment to discourage outsiders. The map, Guangzhou Daily reporter Du Anna Wang Kaixin was a member of Lin Jinfeng met many entrepreneurs in the forest, Jinfeng called her "apprentice". Although Wang Kaixin has not left Shenzhen, the two have no too much intersection. "She’s very upset right now?" Speaking of Wang Kaixin, Lin Jinfeng as an old friend of greeting, concern and calm. With the entry of entrepreneurs although are not optimistic about Wang Kaixin’s situation, Lin Jinfeng does not deny her talent. "This guy is a genius. He enjoys doing business. She has the train of thought, the study ability is strong, likes reading studies the love, is very sensitive to the business, this is he is willing to take Wang Kaixin to enter the line the reason. After the entry, Lin Jinfeng took her into the Shenzhen Internet business circle, introduced her to meet some people, also spoke a lot of business model. Appreciation to appreciate, but Lin Jinfeng did not invest in the intention of the new Wang Kai. She did is actually ’95’ after the vertical electricity supplier. Now too many people involved, strong opponents like clouds." In Lin Jinfeng seems, do not have the threshold of the business, it is impossible to succeed." Lin Jinfeng judgment, although the consumption characteristics of Wang Kaixin know more "after 95", but she did not organize these resources, "the organization of a supply chain management, a company set up R & D team, product design, no experience, no good management foundation." Lin Jinfeng simply pour cold water on her, you can not do it, money ‘burn’ on the end." Lin Jinfeng advised her to return to school to study hard, wait until the time is ripe, rich experience to venture. Exposing the industry if the wind flicker Xin Wang Kai chose to read this road, there will be no story behind. After the venture, she almost became a consumer goods, whether it is venture capital, magazines and media have come.相关的主题文章:

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